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Fintech & Coralogix

Modern Fintech faces the complex challenge of rapidly iterating in a regulated, competitive environment. Coralogix, with its TCO Optimizer, in-stream alerting and unique Remote Query solution, pairs wonderfully with the objectives of even the most ambitious Fintech organization.

Full-Stack Data at Your Fingertips

Coralogix’s TCO optimizer allows Fintech companies to save up to 90% of their observability costs, eliminating the need to cherry-pick data. Access a holistic view of your data without compromising cost-efficiency.

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Strength in Partnerships

Join Fintech giants like Payoneer, Cred, Curve, Melio, and Kathabook in a strong partnership with Coralogix. Remain at the cutting edge with Coralogix’s leading solutions.

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Certified and Secure

Trust Coralogix’s certifications including PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR, and SOC2 to handle your sensitive financial data with the utmost security.

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Cut Through the Noise with Loggregation

Coralogix’s Loggregation turns millions of logs into digestible templates, providing valuable insights and shortening investigations dramatically. Simplify your data with us.

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Unrivalled Support Around the Clock

Rest assured with Coralogix’s 24/7 support. We’re always on standby, responding in a median time of 30 seconds. You’re never alone with Coralogix.

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