Our Pricing Philosophy

Predictable, Value-Based Pricing

Legacy pricing models and tiered storage don’t address the rapid scaling of modern architectures, and result in data costs growing faster than company revenue.

With Coralogix, you pay for your data based on the business need it serves and the value it provides.

We saved 50% on our monitoring costs and gained better performance with Coralogix

Refael - SRE DevOps Team Leader at Payoneer

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Monitoring Data

For the everyday data you need to monitor, visualize, and alert on in real-time.

*Approx. 60% of data

per GB ingested

Frequently Searched Data

For the data you frequently search as raw textual data.

*Approx. 20% of data

per GB ingested

Compliance Data

The data you need ready for compliance.

*Approx. 20% of data

per GB ingested

What’s Included

Don’t pick and choose when it comes to features. Get full access to:


  • Log Parsing
  • Block by Regex
  • Drop Fields
  • Data Enrichment
  • Parsing API
  • Custom Data Source Enrichment


  • Coralogix Log View
  • LiveTail
  • Grafana
  • Kibana
  • Coralogix CLI
  • SQL Clients Integration
  • Tableau Integration


  • New Value Alerts
  • Ratio Alerts
  • Dynamic Alerting
  • Cardinality Alerts
  • Metric Alerts
  • Alerts API
  • Alert Webhooks


  • RBAC
  • SSO & SAML
  • SCIM
  • OpenAPI
  • TCO Optimizer
  • Declarative API’s
  • Customer-Owned Archive
  • Direct S3 Query
  • Reindex from Archive


  • Loggregation
  • Logs2Metrics
  • Version Benchmarks
  • Error Spike Anomalies
  • Flow Anomalies
  • Lightening-Fast Queries


  • Fully Managed Infrastructure
  • On-Boarding Support
  • Data Prioritization Support
  • 24/7 In-app Technical Support
  • 24/7 In-app Product Support
  • Integration Support
  • Dedicated Slack Channel

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We saved 50% on our monitoring costs and gain better preformance with Coralogix

Refael - SRE DevOps Team Leader at Payoneer

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Are there different pricing tiers?

The packages are defined by the amount of data you want to send, how long you want to retain it, and the use case of the data as you define it. Use our calculator to generate a quote according to your selection.

What are the different pricing options?

Coralogix offers a way to pay per value instead of volume. Each priority represents a use case and offers the features required to sustain it. As most of your data doesn’t have to be frequently searched as raw text, you may want to consider utilizing this capability for savings or achieving broader coverage.

How is the data usage calculated?

Coralogix measures your data on a daily basis, so a 300GB/month package would be 10GB per day, data volume is affected by how many log entries you have, and their size.

How long should I retain my data?

Generally speaking, we recommend the 14-day or 30-day retention packages, unless you have regulatory reasons for keeping data longer.

Can I retain my data for more than 90 days?

Yes, leave us a message on the chat bubble on the right corner and we will be happy to give a quote for any custom package you need.

What happens if I exceed my package?

Once you get to 80% of your daily package, you get a warning email and some time to contact us or upgrade, note that Coralogix also allows you to choose which data you want to index using our Rules mechanism.

If you haven’t contacted us, upgraded, or decreased your data, you will be notified that your data has been temporarily blocked until 00:00 UTC when we will automatically release it.

What happens to my data after the retention period has passed?

The retention period you choose affects the amount of time we keep your data on our Lightning Fast query servers, you can also define a backup to your own S3 bucket, free of charge, and retain your logs there forever.

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