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Coralogix new observability solution now available for enterprises

  • Matt Handler, President & COO, Coralogix
  • June 24, 2024
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Coralogix continues to invest in and develop solutions to address modern business challenges. One such example of modern business challenges is the field of observability with data complexity and volume increasing all the time. Observability solutions play a key role in digital transformation and operational excellence, helping companies aggregate a growing amount of data, effectively analyze it, and initiate the needed actions to maintain optimal performance and uptime.

This is why Coralogix offers a white label version of Coralogix’s observability solution for enterprises. IBM Cloud, for example, is leveraging this new offering to provide their customers with an advanced log monitoring and analysis platform—IBM Cloud Logs. IBM Cloud Logs users can now benefit from comprehensive visibility into vast data sets without the financial constraints of traditional logging solutions, which typically require indexing and hot storage for even basic observability. 

“We see that with data volumes continuously growing, the cost of indexing logs and placing them in hot storage has become prohibitively expensive,” noted Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, CTO IBM Cloud. “As a result, many companies have opted to sample only a subset of their data as well as limit storage retention to one or two weeks. But these practices can hurt observability with incomplete data for troubleshooting and trend analysis. Our new offering, IBM Cloud Logs, which is based on Coralogix, can provide enhanced comprehensive visibility to our customers.”

“IBM’s decision to base their log monitoring platform on Coralogix is a recognition of both our core observability features as well as our built-in cost optimization,” said Ariel Assaraf, CEO and co-founder of Coralogix. “Our technology is engineered so that IBM customers should no longer need to index their data and instead can analyze everything in-stream. Additionally, our technology is designed to limit use of expensive hot storage and rather send logs directly to IBM Cloud Object Storage while our modern architecture allows them to rapidly query and generate dashboards even from archived logs.”

The IBM Cloud Logs solution will be offered to IBM customers in Frankfurt and Madrid on June 24, 2024, with day-one support for EU-Managed controls. The solution will continue its cloud multizone region (MZR) roll-out through Q3 2024. 

If you are an IBM customer, learn more about IBM Cloud Logs HERE

Coralogix for non-IBM customers

Coralogix is a modern, full-stack observability platform available to any organization. Our unique architecture powers in-stream analytics without reliance on indexing or hot storage. We specialize in comprehensive monitoring of logs, metrics, trace and security events, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership by up to 70%. Coralogix stands out for its simple pricing model, based solely on data volume ingested and retained. Our platform covers the entire range of observability with features such as APM, RUM, SIEM, Kubernetes monitoring and more, with hundreds of integrations and quick-start extensions, all designed to provide immediate value. 

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