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We’re Making Our Debut In Cybersecurity with Snowbit

  • Coralogix
  • March 15, 2022
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2021 was a crazy year, to say the least, not only did we welcome our 2,000th customer, we announced our Series B AND Series C funding rounds, and on top of that, we launched Streamaⓒ – our in-stream data analytics pipeline.

But this year, we’re going to top that!

We’re eager to share that we are venturing into cybersecurity with the launch of Snowbit! This new venture will focus on helping cloud-native companies comprehensively manage the security of their environments.

As you know, observability and security are deeply intertwined and critical to the seamless operation of cloud environments. Post becoming a full-stack observability player with the addition of metrics and tracing, it was natural for us to delve deeper into cybersecurity.

So what are we trying to solve?

Today we are witnessing accelerated cybersecurity risks with the online explosion post the onset of the pandemic. The acute global scarcity of cybersecurity talent has aggravated the situation as most organizations are unlikely to have adequately staffed in-house security teams over the medium term. They are just too expensive, difficult to hire and keep updated.

As Navdeep Mantakala, Co-founder of Snowbit says, “Rapidly accelerating cyberthreats are leaving many organizations exposed and unable to effectively deal with security challenges as they arise. Snowbit aims to address fundamental security-related challenges faced today including growing cloud complexity, increasing sophistication of attacks, lack of in-house cybersecurity expertise, and the overhead of managing multiple point security solutions.”

What is also adding to the challenge is the increasing leverage of the cloud, both multi-provider infrastructure and SaaS, which is dramatically broadening the attack surface and complexity. Leverage of multiple point solutions to address specific use cases are only increasing the operational overhead.

How are we solving it?

Snowbit’s Managed Extended Detection and Response (MxDR) incorporates a SaaS platform and expert services. The platform gives organizations a comprehensive view of their cloud environment’s security and compliance (CIS, NIST, SOC, PCI, ISO, HIPAA). 

The Snowbit team will work to expand on the existing capabilities of the Coralogix platform, so that all data will be used to identify any abnormal activity, configurations, network, and vulnerability issues. This is rooted in the idea that every log can and should be a security log. Furthermore, it will automate threat detection and incident response via machine learning, an extensive set of pre-configured rules, alerts, dashboards, and more. 

The MxDR platform deploys a team of security analysts, researchers, and DFIR professionals stationed at Snowbit’s 24×7 Security Resource Center. There, they provide guided responses to enable organizations to more decisively respond to threats detected in their environment.

“Observability forms the bedrock of cybersecurity, and as a result, Snowbit is strategic for Coralogix as it enables us to offer a powerful integrated observability and security proposition to unlock the value of data correlation,” said Ariel Assaraf, CEO of Coralogix. “Snowbit’s platform and services enable organizations to overcome challenges of cybersecurity talent and disparate tools to more effectively secure their environments.”

With Snowbit, we have the vision to empower organizations across the globe to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively secure themselves against omnipresent and growing cyber risks. Snowbit is looking to offer the broadest cloud-native managed detection and response offering available to enable this. 

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