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Our stateful streaming analytics approach enables teams to monitor, visualize, and alert on observability data in real-time with no reliance on storage or indexing.

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IT Engineer

Tel-Aviv · Full-time

About The Position

The core Coralogix log analytics software is deployed into a variety of non-production and production environments. As our customers depend on Coralogix to keep their logs private, these environments must be secure, reliable, consistent with each other, and be able to scale to meet the growing needs of the business. The Platform Engineering Group is responsible for the development, operations, and maintenance of these environments.

As an Information Technology (IT) Engineer, you will help to scale Coralogix’s internal support systems so that they will be able to support Coralogix’s growing organizational needs. As IT Engineers work under the umbrella of Platform Engineering, IT Engineers wear two hats - both that of IT personnel, who are responsible for keeping Coralogix’s internal systems running smoothly, as well as that of infrastructure engineers, understanding that keeping the internal systems running smoothly is ultimately implemented by building additional infrastructure.


  • Answering IT support issues as they are raised in real-time (approximately 50% of the time)
  • Building and maintaining IT infrastructure by writing infrastructure as code (IaC) to reduce the need for manual response to IT support in the first place (approximately 50% of the time)


  • Strong familiarity with our current IT stack, including: Google Workspace / GSuite, GitHub, PagerDuty, AWS, Atlassian Jira Cloud, Atlassian Confluence Cloud. Please note we do not expect full / perfect familiarity with all of these tools; candidates with some knowledge gaps in our stack are still encouraged to apply.
  • Familiarity with systems security principles; for example, you know better than to hand out administrator permissions just because somebody asked for them.
  • Familiarity with the principles of setting up scalable on-call / shift-work practices.
  • Familiarity with version control and its uses for infrastructure and operations work.
  • Familiarity with the principles of CI/CD pipelines, including familiarity with scripting languages for the purpose of regularly applying declarative IaC and configuration.
  • Strong English reading and writing skills, including the ability to clearly explain and document in written form the work that they have performed.
  • Be prepared to accept occasional on-call responsibility during nights and weekends, equitably distributed among teammates. Coralogix is an equal-opportunity employer and reasonable accommodations are made for religious employees such that religious employees are not asked to be on-call during religious holidays and other forbidden periods e.g. Shabbat.

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