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AWS Status Logs

Coralogix allows you to monitor AWS incidents. The integration pulls the official source for status reports on incidents affecting AWS services. Using alerts and visualizations you can gain insight into the status of these incidents. Having both AWS status and application/infrastructure logs consolidated within Coralogix allows you to view and analyze incidents’ trend. This can help with root cause and impact analysis as well as in correlating resources with issues.

Coralogix came up with an easy solution to allow you to collect AWS incidents. The steps below are going to walk you through how to do so.

  1. Open in Coralogix: Settings -> Context Data Plugins
  2. Click on the AWS tab.
  3. Click on “Enable AWS Data Ingestion”.

That’s it!

Example log:

    "source_system": "aws"
            "title": "Informational message: エラー率およびレイテンシーの上昇 | Increased Error rates and Latencies"
            "description": "We are deploying a second mitigation strategy to resolve elevated latency and the remaining level of errors for CloudWatch Logs APIs in the AP-NORTHEAST-1 Region. We continue working towards recovery."