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GCP Log Explorer

Log Explorer is one of the first tools to use to troubleshoot issues and find a solution quickly to problems you might be facing. Coralogix came up with an easy way to help you export Log Explorer logs to help you visualize and filter them and create dashboards to see trends and issues that might arise. Following the steps below will guide you through how to setup log explorer integration.

1) Create a bucket in the same region as the login project
2) Search for cloud storage in the search bar.
3) Click ‘create bucket’.

Complete the info for your bucket

In the search look for Logging

Select ‘Logs Router’ and then ‘Create Sink’

Give the SINK a name and point it to the bucket you created earlier.

After that you want to go Google Cloud Functions and create a function.

  • Give the function a name. in the region, you want to select the same region as your bucket.
  • Trigger Type select cloud Storage.


Change the memory Allocated to 1GiB and the timeout to 300s and complete the info in the table below.

Private key App_name  Sub_name
Your private key from Coralogix UI under settings>send your logs. Give your app a name Give your subsystem a name


Hit Save and click next.

Make sure to enable API if it is not already enabled by clicking on the button that says enable API in the new screen or by going to Cloud Build API and enable API.

Complete the configuration of the function and hit deploy.

Runtime Entry Point Main.py Requirements.txt
Python3.8 To_coralogix main requirement