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Slack Channel Recorder

Slack is a very well known, channel-based messaging platform. With Slack, people can work together and connect all their software tools and services like Coralogix platform. You can be notified about alerts via Coralogix Slack Webhook. The following tutorial will show you how you can log messages from your channels. You can gain insight on all notifications which are sent to the particular channel and later to visualize them in Coralogix. This can help with root cause and impact analysis as well as in correlating resources with issues.

Generate your token

  1. Open in Coralogix: Settings -> Context Data Plugins
  2. Click on the Slack tab.
  3. Click on the “+ADD NEW KEY”  button.
  4. Enter integration name in the pop-up window (it can be any name).
  5. The token will show up on the list.

Install Coralogix application

Depends on your cluster, install one of the applications:

Follow the table below to check your cluster:

Cluster URLcoralogix.comapp.coralogix.incoralogix.us
Team URL.coralogix.com.app.coralogix.in.app.coralogix.us

Setting the application

After the proper application is installed, you need to link it with your Coralogix account. Execute the following command:

/cx-setup <token> <app-name>

<token> – it is the token you should generate in the previous step.
<app-name> – it will be Application Name visible in Coralogix. Subsystem name will be a name of Slack channel.

Set channels you want to be tracked by the application

Invite the Coralogix application to the channels you would like to log to Coralogix. You can do it by executing the following command at the message field:

For EU cluster:

/invite @CX-EU-BOT

For IN cluster:

/invite @CX-IN-BOT

For US cluster:

/invite @CX-US-BOT

Setup might take up to 5 minutes. After that you will see messages from the channel in Coralogix platform.