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Next-Generation Alerting

Contextual Alerts for Full-Stack Observability in Modern Applications

Get unparalleled, contextual alerting in real-time with event correlation across logs, metrics, tracing, and security data. Beat false positives and alert fatigue using dynamic thresholds, unique Flow Alerts, and more.

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Best-in-Class, Proactive Alerting Powered by Streama©

With Coralogix’s Streama© technology, all alerting occurs in-stream with no index latency or mapping dependencies.

Our next-generation alerting mechanism enables you to monitor and trigger alerts for Service-Level Objectives across your entire environment so you can beat false positives and alert fatigue.

How it Works
  1. Dynamic Alerts Standard and Dynamic Alerts
  2. Ratio Ratio Between Queries Alerts
  3. New Value New Value and Unique Count Alerts
  4. Time Relative Time Relative Alerts
  5. Metric Metric and Tracing Alerts
  6. Flow Flow Alerts

Stay one step ahead with best-in-class alerting powered by Streama©

Reduce Alert Noise and False Positives with Dynamic Alerting

Create Dynamic Alerts to detect abnormal behavior automatically and reduce alert noise and false positives. Dynamic Alerts use ML-powered algorithms to continuously analyze your application’s behavior and trigger alerts without relying on static thresholds.

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Break Down Siloes with Unified Alerting Across Data Types

Next-gen Flow Alerts combine logs, metrics, traces, and security data into a single story that precisely describes the stages leading up to a business-impacting event.

In-stream alerting enables seamless correlation of events across all data types and sources.

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Unify alerts

Create Flow Alerts with Root Cause Analysis Built-In

Build and trigger alerts with the Root Cause as a defining element, shortening your recovery time and enabling you to focus on what matters. Enable your team to be more proactive with all of the relevant steps that led to a negative outcome included in a single alert.

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Democratize Alerting with Full Visibility and Team Ownership

Using the Drag & Drop Flow Builder UI for flow alerts, anyone in your organization – from DevOps specialists to Customer Success and Product teams – can easily create and visualize alerts. It’s never been easier to stay on top of issues and improve accountability.

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Send High-Value, Contextual Alerts Directly to Your Team

Use scheduling to limit alerts to specific times, notification content to provide teams with complete context, and verify alert occurrences before creation to ensure they aren’t overly noisy. Send alerts via email or webhooks to any 3rd-party system, including Slack, PagerDuty, Teams, Opsgenie, and more.

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