Our next-gen architecture is built to help you make sense of your ever-growing data. Watch a 4-min demo video!

Much More Than Kubernetes Monitoring

Go beyond basic K8s monitoring with the Coralogix platform, and experience native Kubernetes dashboards, effortless open source integrations, First-Class Coralogix CRDs and much more. Visualize your K8s logs, metrics, traces and security data like never before.

Build Beautiful Data Pipelines

Utilize the TCO Optimizer, Events2Metrics, and more, to build elegant data pipelines for your logs, metrics, traces, and security data. Powered by Streama©, these features allow you to exercise precise control over container telemetry and drive cost savings between 40% and 70%, to create a clean, cost-effective Kubernetes monitoring experience.

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kubernetes monitoring tco optimizer

Focus on the Logs, Metrics, and Traces that Matter

Stop hacking together the same five Grafana dashboards to monitor your Kubernetes cluster and start leveraging the power of Coralogix Kubernetes monitoring. Track key signals for pods, containers, nodes, or entire clusters. Multi-cloud, multi-region, multi-cluster. Coralogix can consume logs, metrics, traces, and security data from anywhere.

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Supercharge your Open Source Ecosystem

Don’t compromise on your love for open source. Connect your logs, metrics, traces, and security data directly to Coralogix, with support for OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, Fluentd, Fluent-bit, and many more. Coralogix even provides an Operator, so you can configure Coralogix from CRDs in your cluster. We work the way you work.

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Unlock DevSecOps That Scales

Explore the security posture of your clusters, and never miss an open security group or a vulnerable load balancer again. The security of your infrastructure is fundamental to the security of your cluster. With Coralogix, you can deeply understand both.

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Kubernetes Monitoring Security

Stop Context-Switching. Start Full-Stack Discorvery

Stop jumping between Kubectl, Prometheus, Grafana, Kiali, Jaegar, and more to get the full picture of your logs, metrics, traces, and security data. With Coralogix, effortlessly link all of your data together in a single, fluid investigation, to reveal insights that are simply not possible anywhere else.

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