Our next-gen architecture is built to help you make sense of your ever-growing data. Watch a 4-min demo video!

Log Management & Analytics

Unlock More Value From Your Log Data

Take full advantage of the wealth of information in your log data with real-time analytics and monitoring that helps make sense of the noise.

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Generate Intelligence Without Limits

Our next-gen Streama© architecture is built to provide infinite insights from your data and enable you to optimize your TCO as you scale.

Take full advantage of transformations, dynamic alerting, on-the-fly metric generation, log clustering, anomaly detection, and more – without needing to index your raw log data – for limitless observability that scales with you.


Parse, Transform & Enrich Your Logs On the Fly

Make your data work for you with easy-to-define parsing rules to transform your data and extract meaningful information, structure unstructured logs, mask fields for compliance, fix formatting issues, and much more.

Enrich your data with out-of-the-box geographic and IP reputation fields, or add your own custom enrichment parameters specific to your application.

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Find the Signal in the Noise

Automatically cluster millions of individual logs into templates. With Loggregation, your log data is deduplicated for high-level analytics and streamlined investigation.

Convert your log data into trackable metrics on the fly. Using Logs2Metrics functionality, you can visualize these metrics with 12-month retention without indexing the raw log data.

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Instead of looking at hundreds of logs, [Coralogix] helps us to focus on the log itself that creates the noise.
Yuval Molnar - Sr. Director of Production Services at Payoneer, Inc.

Reduce False Positives with Anomaly Detection & Dynamic Alerting

With systems that generate massive amounts of logs every minute, you can’t rely on static thresholds to detect critical errors. Automatically detect unusual behavior, and use dynamic alerting to stay on top of critical events.

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Optimize Log Storage and Monitoring Costs

Leverage the proactive analytics capabilities of Streama© to optimize how your data will be stored and directed down one of three pipelines according to how you plan to use it. All of your data will be stored in your own S3 for infinite retention.

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Enjoy Unlimited Retention with Rapid Archive Querying

Query your archived data using Lucene, DataPrime, or even natural language—no reindexing, no cost per query. Benefit from unlimited retention and reduced costs, without sacrificing interactive query times.

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Easy Adoption & Complete Workflow Integration

Integrate any data source. Transform and enrich your data on the fly. Use any syntax, dashboard, and webhook endpoint to realize the full value of your data. Avoid vendor lock-in, and streamline setup and adoption.

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