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Infrastructure & Application Metrics

Monitor System Health at Scale

Collect all metric data, including infrastructure, network, security, and application metrics in a single location with no scale limitations.

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Centralized Metrics With No Limitations

Our next-gen Streama© architecture is built to analyze your metric data in-stream so you can centralize your data and uncover more granular information about your infrastructure and business-level logic without worrying about cardinality and compute limitations.

All metric data is stored in your archive with full query capabilities for infinite retention.

centralized metrics

Seamlessly Correlate Metrics with All Observability Data

Query all data using the same syntax, and visualize together in the Coralogix UI and hosted or existing Grafana instances. View metric aggregations together with related logs and jump directly from a log to a prefiltered Grafana dashboard for streamlined investigations.

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event correlation

Monitor Complex Systems with Advanced Data Mapping

Build custom data maps of your infrastructure, log-based, and business metrics data to represent the structure and health of your business. Create unlimited visualizations from any metric, label, or log key to represent endless dimensions of your data.

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Advanced Alerting Using PromQL

Create alerts in our self-service alert manager for performance or latency metrics using either Lucene or familiar PromQL syntax with granular, multi-level groupby detection. Alert events in your logs without indexing the raw data using Logs2Metrics.

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Generate Metrics from Log Data On the Fly Without Indexing

Generate trackable metrics from your logs on the fly. Using Logs2Metrics, you can visualize these metrics with 12-month retention without ever indexing the raw log data. Those logs will be stored in your archive, where they can be queried directly via the Coralogix UI and CLI.

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We saved 50% on our monitoring costs and gained better performance with Coralogix.
Refael Yehuda - SRE DevOps Team Leader at Payoneer

Offload cost and overhead of maintaining homegrown Prometheus

Replace the stress of maintaining homegrown Prometheus with a high performance, highly scalable, and cost-effective solution. Add Coralogix as a Prometheus data source to existing Grafana dashboards without any changes to the queries and continue to use familiar PromQL syntax for a seamless transition.

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