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Metrics That Scale

A holistic solution to collect, visualize, and alert on your server, application, business, and security metrics.

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Unlimited Granularity, Cardinality, and Labeling

Pay per GB ingested and access unlimited granularity, cardinality, and labeling with no additional costs. With Coralogix, you get maximum coverage for your systems and minimum complexity when it comes to pricing.

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Convert Logs to Metrics

Our Logs2Metrics feature converts log data to trackable metrics, before indexing. The value of your data shouldn’t be lost in the noise. This feature extracts a wealth of system and business insights.

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ML-Powered Alerting

Dynamic, ML-powered alerts provide real-time notifications and maximum control on an intuitive, self-serve interface.

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Seamless Visualization

Gain visibility into unique system and business metrics for better observability. Metricbeat or Prometheus forwarders send metric data for seamless visualization in Kibana and Grafana.

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Coralogix has scaled to meet our accelerated growth seamlessly and has demonstrated extreme focus on their customers' needs.
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Shamasis Bhattacharya - Chief Software Architect at Postman

Stateful streaming analytics for observability data