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A modern cloud security solution that enables Security As Code for automated coverage that meets the highest security and compliance standards.

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Enable 3-Click SIEM

With just a few clicks, improve your cloud security with automated threat detection across all of your network traffic. No complex setup, no data standardization, no coverage uncertainty.

Deploy the Coralogix STA

Mirror traffic to that server

Analyze threats immediately

Continuously Analyze Security Threats

Connect any source of information to complete your security observability, including Audit logs, Cloudtrail, GuardDuty or any other source. Monitor your security data in one of 100+ pre-built dashboards or easily build your own using our variety of visualization tools and APIs.

End-to-End Forensics

Use Coralogix custom webhooks for end-to-end forensics. Easily automate your response with seamless integrations to top security incident management tools.

Reduce False Positives

Get extensive coverage and achieve fewer false positives. Coralogix utilizes anomaly detection capabilities to automatically update alerts, IP blacklists, threat signatures, and more.

Optimize Storage Costs

Security and compliance logs are generally low value and high volume data. Coralogix helps you to optimize costs by providing full production coverage without the cost of indexing and storing raw data.

“It checked all the boxes for a unified platform”

Florent Bruel - Solution Architect

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