Our next-gen architecture is built to help you make sense of your ever-growing data. Watch a 4-min demo video!

Cloud-Native Cybersecurity

End-to-End Protection for Modern Cyber Risk

Get a comprehensive view of your cloud environment’s security and compliance, with expert teams deployed 24×7 to provide support for more efficient remediation.

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Monitor End-to-End System Behavior

Our next-gen Streama© architecture is built to facilitate full system coverage for logs, metrics, tracing & security data at scale.

Centralize your observability insights for added insights to the security of your systems, monitor your data in one of 100+ pre-built dashboards, or easily build your own using our variety of visualization tools and APIs.

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Act Faster with Dynamic Alerting & Automated Incident Response

Get extensive coverage for unknown unknowns in your system and reduce false positives. Coralogix utilizes anomaly detection capabilities to automatically update alerts, IP blacklists, threat signatures, and more.

Use Coralogix custom webhooks for end-to-end forensics. Easily automate your response with seamless integrations to top security incident management tools.

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Rest Easy With Automated Posture & Vulnerability Assessments

Automated posture assessments ensure that you are compliant with best practices and compliance standards (CIS, NIST, SOC, PCI, ISO, HIPAA).

Continuously evaluate your systems for known security vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses to be remediated.

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Improve Threat Detection with 3-Click Security Traffic Analysis

With just a few clicks, set up threat detection based on real-time network traffic and host monitoring with automated mirroring and the Coralogix STA.

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Work with Snowbit’s Expert Security Teams

Snowbit’s Managed Extended Detection and Response (MxDR) offers expert teams 24×7 that leverage the advanced features of the Coralogix platform to accelerate threat remediation.

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Enterprise-Grade Solution

Coralogix is fully compliant with the highest standards of availability, security, and compliance including GDPR, SOC2, PCI, and HIPAA certifications.

Choose from multiple available geographic data centers for compatibility with local privacy laws. Manage system permissions with RBAC and SSO. Monitor user activity in your account with Coralogix audit logs.

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