Our next-gen architecture is built to help you make sense of your ever-growing data. Watch a 4-min demo video!

Distributed Tracing

End-to-End Application Health Monitoring

Correlate end-to-end event flows and performance bottlenecks across distributed architectures with the full context of all of your observability data.

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Monitor the Health of Your Distributed Systems

Our next-gen Streama© architecture is built — and priced — to help you make sense of ever-growing data as you scale.

Monitor service dependencies and health metrics across your systems and identify problems and correlate events with full data context.

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Pinpoint issues with easy filtering and aggregations of tracing data

Filter and view aggregations of your tracing data grouped by Application, Subsystem, Service, and Action (i.e. Request). For example, filter for traces above a given latency and visualize the MAX duration of the tracing data grouped by Service to pinpoint exactly where a problem is originating.

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Drill down into spans and visualize data flows with dependency view

Click on a trace to drill down and investigate a specific span, with the dynamic tags object and related logs, or switch to dependency view to visualize how the data flowed across their different services and drill down into each service.

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Resolve issues faster with end-to-end event correlation

Viewing tracing data together with logs, metrics, and security events for a full view of system health. For any span, click directly from the Tracing UI to the Logs tab for deeper investigation and use the Actions feature to jump to 3rd-party services and resolve issues immediately.

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Work with open source instrumentation & visualization tools

Sending tracing data to Coralogix is easy with our Coralogix Exporter in OpenTelemetry. Aside from our powerful Tracing UI, you can also use our hosted-Jaeger instance or add Coralogix as a data source for your own Jaeger.

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Pay only for the traces that matter

Assign use cases to your traces, based on endpoint, status code, error type, tech stack and much more. Drive enormous cost savings while infinitely retaining your data in object storage, using the TCO Optimizer.

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