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Modern Observability

Real-time Logging, Metrics, and Security that empowers teams to meet the need for scale, speed, and cost of today's architecture.

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Proactive Monitoring

True realtime Monitoring, designed to build and release faster. Proactively monitor your applications and infrastructure in the context of your CI/CD



A holistic solution to visualize and alert on all your metrics: server, application, business, and security. Extended by the power our Logs2Metrics converters.


3-Click Cloud Security

Fully secure your cloud environments within minutes. A modern cloud security solution that enables Security As Code for a full, automated coverage that meets the highest security and compliance standards.


Optimize Costs

High costs prohibit coverage. Coralogix Streama for realtime data prioritization lets you analyze all of your logs, metrics, and security events without paying for the noise.


ELK Done Better​

ELK is great, but can be painful to manage and scale. Get the perfect ELK experience for scalable monitoring and logging. Fast, powerful search. No complex setup, Just answers with 24/7 rapid support.

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