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Cost Optimization

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership for Your Observability Stack

Different data is used differently and to achieve different goals. With Coralogix, pay relative to the value of your data, not the volume.

Data prioritization before storing or indexing data reduces monitoring costs while simultaneously improving system visibility.

Introducing the TCO Optimizer

Coralogix leverages the proprietary Streama technology to automatically analyze and prioritize your data. Using the TCO Optimizer, you can assign each application or subsystem pair and log severity level to a different data pipeline, giving you maximum control over your data, how it’s handled and a cost reduction when using cloud computing.

Pay for value. Not Volume.

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logs icon Monitoring Data

The data you need to monitor, visualize, track, and alert on in real-time. This data is available in your monitoring dashboards for up to a year.

metrics icon Frequent Search Data

The data you frequently search as raw textual data. This data is indexed and stored on highly available SSDs for lightning-fast queries.

security icon Compliance Data

The data you need for compliance purposes. This data is archived immediately and can be queried directly, or reindexed at any time for further analysis.

Full Feature Access, Always

Optimizing cloud cost can reduce your monitoring costs by up to 70% without reducing system visibility and your ability to query, monitor, and manage your data. No matter how you choose to prioritize your data, you always have full access to all Coralogix features.

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Flexible payment terms

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Scale as you grow

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Split data to teams

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Quota and retention control

Real-Time Insights Powered
by Streama©

Streama© is our proprietary streaming data pipeline that analyzes data in real-time with unique state stores in-stream for long-term insights with no reliance on indexing or storage.

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Dynamic Blocking

Implement a dynamic cap on the amount of data sent to Coralogix from a specific App/Service to prevent an account from reaching its daily quota. Your cost-effective bill remains predictable even when volumes of logs, metrics or traces spike.

TCO dynamic blocking for cost optimization

archive Archive

Archive any log or metric data to your Amazon S3 bucket and keep the data forever.

archive query Query Archive

Directly query your archived data using the familiar Elasticsearch syntax via UI or CLI, with no effect on your daily quota.

archive reindex Reindex Archive

Reindex your archived data from direct query using the familiar Elasticsearch syntax. Don't mount GBs of data to analyze a specific log record.

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Refael Yehuda
SRE DevOps Team Leader

We saved 50% on our monitoring costs and gained better performance with Coralogix.
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100+ Integrations

Ingest data from anywhere and in any format using over 100 integrations or our REST API.

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