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Log Monitoring

Proactively Analyze & Monitor Your Log Data With No Limitations

Analyze, monitor, and visualize your log data before indexing for proactive insights with no coverage or cost limitations.

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Unified Log Collection

Ingest data from any source using a log file monitoring tool for a single, centralized platform to manage, monitor, and alert on your applications.

As log data are ingested, Coralogix instantly clusters millions of data entries in real time with log monitoring tools, for deeper insights and faster troubleshooting.

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Auto-Parsing and Data Enrichment

Send any log in any format and get a complete solution with an easy-to-use parsing wizard and automatic parsing for JSON logs.

Automatically enrich your logs using a pre-defined, custom data source. Enhance your log data with business, operations, or security information that are not available at runtime.

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Log Clustering & Anomaly Detection

Automatically cluster millions of logs at ingestion for faster investigations, higher-level analytics, and more accurate anomalies. Convert data to trackable metrics before indexing to extract previously unattainable system and business insights.

Machine learning algorithms learn your logs, and detect unusual system behavior like error ratio spikes and log flow anomalies without relying on static thresholds.

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Live Tail

Real-time, developer-friendly live tail provides a single centralized, pre-index view of all log data from all servers with zero latency.

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Developer-Friendly CLI

Coralogix provides CLI access to your log data, whether indexed or not. Get the ease of use and simplicity of a CLI with access to a centralized logging environment.

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ML-Powered Alerting

The most extensive alerting mechanism in the market, Coralogix pinpoints critical issues and dramatically reduces false positives to avoid alert fatigue. Track the critical parts of your system and SLOs using advanced alerts including:

  • Dynamic thresholds
  • ‘Ratio between’ queries
  • New value detection
  • Cardinality alerts
  • Query sequences
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Create Custom Dashboards for Next-Level Data Insights

Build custom dashboards using an easy-to-use Drag & Drop interface. Our log monitoring softwares create widgets using complex queries in open source syntaxes such as Lucene and PromQL and add multi-level group-bys to slice and dice your data for continual monitoring of granular performance metrics.

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Enterprise-Grade Logging

Get the blazing-fast logging monitoring performance your enterprise needs while meeting the highest standards of availability, security, and compliance including GDPR, SOC2, PCI, and HIPAA certifications. 

Easily manage multiple teams, fine-tune permissions, and enjoy the convenience of SSO.

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Yuval Molnar
Sr. Director of Production Services

Instead of looking at hundreds of logs, [Coralogix] helps us to focus on the log itself that creates the noise.
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100+ Integrations

Ingest data from anywhere and in any format using over 100 integrations or our REST API.

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