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Serverless Observability

By selecting serverless infrastructure, you’ve freed yourself from concerns about scalability, performance, and cost. With Coralogix, we enable you to observe your serverless environment, guaranteeing you the utmost scalability, performance, and cost efficiency in observability.

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Instant Value with the Serverless Dashboard

Coralogix’s serverless dashboard offers instant time to value, displaying key metrics such as cold start invocation times. Make informed decisions faster with a clear snapshot of your serverless performance.

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Scale your Serverless Infrastructure With Confidence

Define flow alerts or visualize your serverless infrastructure in the Coralogix ServiceMap. Track outages across microservices swiftly and efficiently, minimizing potential disruption and optimizing performance.

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Unmatched APM

Dive deep into your serverless infrastructure with Coralogix’s Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Get granular data and critical insights for proactive optimization and seamless serverless operations.

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Track Total System Health, Including Cloud Provider

With Coralogix, monitor your cloud provider status using contextual data. Stay ahead of potential issues and ensure uninterrupted service for your users.

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Universal Cloud Integration

Coralogix integrates with all cloud providers, including lambda telemetry exporters. Enjoy smooth and hassle-free integration, regardless of your serverless architecture.

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Cost-Optimized Observability for Cost-Optimized Infrastructure

Leverage Coralogix’s TCO optimizer to drive savings of up to 90% in your serverless deployments. Maximize efficiency without compromising performance.

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