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Graylog vs Coralogix  

  • Chris Cooney
  • January 23, 2024
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Graylog is a log management and security platform, built on the Torch project, originally founded in 2009. It offers a set of log management and SIEM features. It does not offer metrics & traces as part of its offering, so we will only compare the Coralogix logging feature set.

Summary: Coralogix vs. Graylog

Logs, Metrics & Traces
Logs Only
Free Trial Period
Machine Learning Capabilities
Pricing Model

Unified Pricing around a Single Unit

Graylog does not publish its pricing model. 
Cost per GB Ingested
Logs: $0.17 – $1.50Metrics:  $0.05Traces: $0.15-$0.75
Remote Archiving
Remote Archive Query
Schema on Read & Schema on Write

All customers get 15-second median response times, 24/7

Support during office hours for enterprise customers

Logs, metrics, traces, and alerting

Coralogix excels with its full-stack observability across logs, metrics, and traces, offering a holistic view and advanced analytics, unlike Graylog’s log-only focus. This makes Coralogix a more comprehensive and efficient choice for modern IT environments.

Pricing Model

Coralogix offers transparent pricing based solely on data ingested and retained, making it straightforward and predictable. In contrast, Graylog’s undisclosed pricing can lead to uncertainty and complexity for users trying to estimate costs for their specific needs.

SIEM, CSPM, and Security Alerting

Coralogix goes a step further than Graylog by offering SIEM and CSPM, coupled with professional services via our Security Research Center (SRC). This combination ensures broader security coverage and expert support, outpacing Graylog’s SIEM-only approach by offering enhanced protection and specialized guidance.

Archiving and Archive Query

Coralogix excels with its innovative remote archive query feature, enabling users to directly access and analyze logs stored in S3 archives without reindexing. This capability significantly streamlines the process, offering a more efficient and time-saving solution. 

In contrast, Graylog, while supporting S3 archiving, requires users to restore and reindex data before it can be analyzed. This not only slows down the process but also has cost implications. Reindexing demands additional computational resources and time, leading to higher operational costs. Coralogix’s approach, therefore, offers a more cost-effective and agile solution, enabling faster insights and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Support Comparison

Coralogix provides Global, 24/7 support at no extra cost, with a remarkable 15-second median response time and 43-minute median resolution time. In comparison, Graylog’s support is limited to business hours, potentially delaying issue resolution. Coralogix’s around-the-clock availability and faster response times ensure prompt and efficient problem-solving, significantly outpacing the competition and minimizing business downtime.

Coralogix offers superior features compared to Graylog: a simple pricing model, direct remote archive querying for efficient data analysis, 24/7 support with rapid response and resolution times at no extra cost, and cost-effective data handling without the need for reindexing.

These advantages streamline operations, reduce total cost of ownership, and provide more agile and responsive service, distinguishing Coralogix in the market.

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