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Mezmo Logging vs Coralogix Logging: Features, Pricing and Support

  • Chris Cooney
  • September 10, 2023
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Coralogix vs Mezmo

Mezmo, formerly known as LogDNA, offers log analytics without any native capabilities around metrics and tracing data. While Coralogix’s full-stack observability supports logs, metrics, tracing and security data, for the purpose of this comparison with Mezmo, we will focus primarily on logs.

But before diving into the nitty gritty, it’s important to note that Coralogix is a leader in providing in-stream log analysis, leveraging open source telemetry and storage (no vendor lock-in) with up to 70% cost savings in comparison to all other observability solutions.

Additionally, when it comes to support, Coralogix offers all customers a median 30-second response time, an SLA measured in minutes with 24/7 live support. All at no extra cost. 

Let’s look at the details.

Coralogix logging vs Mezmo logging 

Open source friendly

Data portability is an important consideration within a dynamic business environment and is essential on the collection and shipping side, as well as on the storage side.

With Coralogix you can use open source shipping agents, such as Open Telemetry, and if you’re moving data to multiple destinations, use a single agent instead.. With Mezmo, however, you’ll need to use their proprietary agent. 

On the storage side, Coralogix customers can hold data in object storage in their own cloud account. The Coralogix format, CX-Data, is based on open source Parquet so you can directly index and query logs using Amazon Athena or other popular tools. And with Coralogix you’ll never lose ownership of your data through proprietary formats that may hold you ransom with vendor lock-in. 

Observe more data for less cost

Aside from all the limits and additional costs that Mezmo has (e.g. you need to pay extra for their Telemetry Pipeline) their flat rate for all data will often force you to choose which data you can afford to monitor.

On the other hand, Coralogix only charges for data ingested. Furthermore, our TCO optimization empowers you to select how your data will be indexed and stored. Logs needed for compliance can be archived. The remainder of logs are processed in-stream for analysis, alerts, ML dashboards and more, after which they are sent to either archive or indexing and hot storage (this is optional for logs that require instantaneous query results).

For logs that don’t require hot storage, Coralogix’s in-stream analysis still allows you to rapidly query and analyze fresh, incoming logs or older ones already in archive, with up to 70% cost savings. 

Bottom line, Coralogix allows you to monitor all your logs, tracing, metrics and security data without having to pay top dollar for it all. 

Can I get some support here!

While Mezmo does offer support via a ticketing system, average response and resolution times are not documented anywhere which would indicate that support is not in real-time. 

By contrast, part of Coralogix’s package includes customer support with a median 30-second response time, an SLA measured in minutes, and 24/7 support. Coralogix also has a median resolution time of 43 minutes which means we are resolving issues faster than most of our competitors are even acknowledging them!

Alerts are important

Mezmo offers some basic alerting functionality, however it does not compare to Coralogix. Coralogix offers 6 different types of alerts, ranging from simple log counts, all the way through to ratio and time relative alerts. Coralogix log alerting is by far the most sophisticated on the market, and enables highly sophisticated insight generation.

Additionally, Coralogix supports the “more than usual” and “less than usual” alert conditions, which are driven by a machine learning algorithm to detect anomalous data flow patterns in customer data. These enable the detection of “unknown-unknowns” and act as a safety blanket to catch issues that may otherwise go undetected. 

Coralogix Flow Alerts allow users to orchestrate their logs, metrics, traces, and security data into a single alert that tracks multiple events over time. Using Flow Alerts, customers can track the change in their system.

If you seek a cost-effective, full-stack observability solution that gives you comprehensive visibility into logs, metrics, tracing and security events, get a free demo with us today. 

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