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Global gaming company tackles 100M daily logs assisted by ML


Decrease in error ratio


User growth


Decreased MTTD and MTTR


About the company

AGS (American gaming systems) is a global gaming company that focuses on creating engaging and entertaining casino games that provide users personalized gaming experiences.


Gambling & Casinos


Las Vegas, NV

  • Over 90% reduction in fatal errors
  • Improved user experience even while growing users by 3x
  • 70% decrease in mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR)
  • 12 active Coralogix users
  • 100 flow anomalies resolved


By using Coralogix AGS managed to reduce their error ratio to almost zero and provide a better experience to their customers in a way that contributed to their accelerated growth in the past 12 months with their new product line called “Lucky play” and their rank of 4.5 stars on the app store.

The Challenge

As a large size company, AGS serves millions of users concurrently on both casino-based gaming machines and mobile applications and has to provide top-level service and security as each and every broken flow in production might result in immediate revenue loss.


The Solution

AGS’s case tells the story of tens of customers who saved ~50% of their logging time while upgrading their production quality and stability. 


By applying its proprietary machine learning algorithms, Coralogix automatically turns millions of log records into a meaningful set of log patterns. Coralogix then finds connections between those patterns to form your software flows and alert you once they break. 


“Coralogix allowed us to never miss an error, (even if we had tens of thousands) and used Loggregation to understand just how many unique errors we had or when we got notified on new errors which did not occur in the past.”

Rachel Lewis – Gaming Operations Lead at AGS

Combining these capabilities allowed AGS to release new versions rapidly and be notified on flow anomalies and new errors while being able to quickly investigate and solve these problems by making their Big Data small with Loggregation.

“I’m a QA manager and this tool is a lifesaver for me, it helped me catch major problems on Staging before they ever happened on our production systems. Even though I’m not a coding expert, using Coralogix is easy and intuitive and the insights it presents are totally clear and understandable. I can view endless matrixes which are extracted from the logs variables themselves without me defining anything – simply a pleasure to work with!” Alona – Head of QA

AGS is currently running over 50 log queries every day and has analyzed and resolved over 100 flow anomalies.


After 12 months of using Coralogix on their production, AGS was able to reduce their error ratio from 0.8% of their traffic to an amazing 0.0002%


After 12 months of using Coralogix on their production, AGS was able to reduce their error ratio from 0.8% of their traffic to an amazing 0.0002% and reduce their MTTD and MTTR by 70%. 

Currently, their mobile application enjoys a high rank of 4.5 stars on the app stores and all clients enjoy increased stability and a smoother experience. AGS grew its customer base 3x and suffer less than 10% of the fatal errors they had before using Coralogix.

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