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Using Coralogix has freed up the team from worrying about scaling their log solution

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Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Single pane of glass to monitor production issues
  • Easier to track down problems
  • Normalized logging data
  • Freed up engineering time from worrying about logging infrastructure


Before using Coralogix, the R&D team at was searching for a better way to see the full picture when it came to internal data logs. Without a single centralized location for logs, the team was spending too much time trying to find the data they needed in order to solve production issues. Now, all they need to do is open Coralogix and they can easily search through all logs across the entire stack. Once they started using Coralogix, they were also able to standardize their log structure to get more value.

The Challenge

Having logs in different locations worked fine for each system on its own, but because logs are saved to different locations, there was no way to see the full flow of data.

The Solution

The first step was getting all of’s log data into a single location. The immediate benefits were the simplicity of the Coralogix interface and the ability to simply enter data into the system and start searching. 

Ben Yitzhaki, Infrastructure Engineer at explains, “Using Coralogix, we can see the full journey logs made from the applications to the logging systems without having to manage the complexity of how logging infrastructure is built.” 

Beyond aggregating the logs in a single location, Coralogix helped the team to normalize the data. Using the support team, they were able to identify flaws in the way the log records were created and get ready for deep analytics.

“The main reason that I would recommend Coralogix is the amazing support. They communicate with their clients to understand exactly what their issues and pain points are so that they can innovate to address them,” explains Ben.

Using Coralogix has freed up the team from worrying about scaling their log solution as their system scales to meet an impressive growth rate.

“Using Coralogix, setting up a centralized location for logs is intuitive and easy. Their support team really elevates the product by always being there when needed.”

Ben Yitzhaki – Infrastructure Engineer at

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