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Case Study

How MoovingON leverages Coralogix to ensure reliability for customers


About MoovingON

MoovingON provides availability and reliability solutions in the cloud in the form of 24/7 NOC services, DevOps/SRE expertise, monitoring, and automation, as well as an AIOps and Runbook automation SaaS solution.

With more than a decade of experience, they are proud to claim some of Israel’s biggest unicorns as customers. Startups and scaleups alike entrust their most valuable assets to MoovingON, knowing they are always on and always ready to keep their business up and running.

The team at MoovingON is composed of NOC, SRE, and DevOps engineers with vast experience in managing cloud production environments. They specialize in building and deploying automated solutions, CI/CD workflows, monitoring platforms, and more all according to the customers’ environment complexity and requirements.

What solutions does MoovingON provide to their customers?

MoovingON offers standard packages according to the unique needs of each customer in order to allow them to focus on innovation and customer experience with the knowledge that their production environment is monitored and managed by a team of cloud experts.

The three types of solutions offered for maintaining 24/7 availability and reliability of customers’ technological solutions include:

  • Dedicated NOC/ NOC-as-a-Service (Shared model) – Best-in-class NOC team and expertise
  • SRE-as-a-Service – Additional SRE/DevOps services to improve monitoring and automation
  • A fully-managed service – End-to-end cloud production management led by MoovingON’s SRE and DevOps teams
  • CloudOps Platform – AIOps & runbook automation platform that helps the DevOps and SRE teams improve response time and overall observability.

What was the use case for MoovingON to implement Coralogix?

MoovingON offers their customers uptime management to optimize solutions for monitoring, CI/CD, automation, and more according to their unique needs. When a digital healthcare customer transitioned from MoovingON’s NOC service to DevOps & SRE Services, the team identified the potential value of implementing Coralogix as a solution for the customer.

MoovingON aimed to help the customer’s Security, Backend, and DevOps/SRE teams to enhance their log monitoring and alerting solution. A key goal for the solution was to provide visibility into logs, implement alerting for queries and metrics generated from the logs, and optimize monitoring costs.

What were the customer’s biggest challenges with their previous solution?

The customer was using DataDog for their log monitoring and alerting solution, but the team was struggling with rising costs. They needed a solution that would allow them to continuously improve their log management and alerting while simultaneously optimizing service costs.

Another motivation for migrating was the lack of flexibility and support for customizing the solution to suit the organization’s specific log monitoring needs.

How did MoovingON implement Coralogix for the customer?

MoovingON implements iterative and practical strategies to create an enhanced workflow for their customers with their third-party tooling. The MoovingON team worked together with Coralogix’s professional services team to address the customer’s needs in cost optimization, logging management enhancement, and improved alerting mechanism.

MoovingON provided a streamlined implementation of the Coralogix solution for the customer, including:

  • Logs configuration
  • Parsing rules configuration
  • Metrics creation and alignments
  • Alerts configuration
  • Alerts mediation in third-party platforms

In less than a month, the team was finished with end-to-end implementation and the customer was already seeing added value from the solution. In the following months, MoovingON maintained a constant dialogue with the Coralogix team to identify potential advancements in the implementation.

ahikam moovingon

Ahikam Harush
CIO & VP Engineering

The collaboration between MoovingON and Coralogix resulted in enhanced visibility into the customer's service with an immediate added value. The velocity in migrating to Coralogix and the ease of diagnosing production incidents has been a real game-changer.

What value did the customer gain from using Coralogix and MoovingON?

MoovingON team’s expertise in monitoring platforms has streamlined the migration process for the customer according to the best practices of log monitoring and alerting. The customer’s central requirements were to keep and enhance the existing query rule-based alerting and to improve their systems’ logging management, service cost, and support as a whole.

The MoovingON team has helped the customer to implement the migration with no downtime, or disruption in the customer’s production environment. Using Coralogix, they get the flexibility and support they need to monitor their logs and are able to save more than 50% compared to their previous solution.

Combining MoovingON’s extensive experience and know-how in performing migrations between monitoring platforms with Coralogix’s Customer Success team resulted in a seamless transition and increased satisfaction for the customer with no downtime.

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