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AWS Observability

Full Observability for AWS Cloud-Native Applications

AWS services and functions provide modern organizations the ability to scale and expand faster and with more flexibility. Now more than ever organizations must prioritize observability to maintain system reliability.

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Centralized Data Collection

Ingest data from any source for clear visibility into all AWS services and functions, as well as on-prem and hybrid environments, in a single pane of glass.

As data is ingested, millions of events are clustered into templates in real time for deeper insights and faster troubleshooting. Machine learning algorithms continuously observe behavior between system components to detect and alert on anomalies – without static thresholds or the need for pre-configurations.

Holistic Data Collection

Certified Marketplace Listing

Pay as part of your AWS bill. Counts against EDP plans including any customization needed.

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AWS Advanced Technology Partner

As an AWS Advanced Technology partner and with validated DevOps ISV Competency, we are one of only a small number of AWS logging certified companies offering the most advanced capabilities for logging, metrics, and security insights.

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3-Click AWS Security

The Coralogix Cloud Security solution enables organizations to quickly improve their security posture, detect threats, and continuously analyze digital forensics without the complexity, long implementation cycles, and high costs of other solutions.

With the Coralogix TCO Optimizer, you can reduce up to 70% of storage costs without sacrificing full security coverage and real-time monitoring. This new model enables you to get all of the benefits of an ML-powered logging solution at only a third of the cost and with more real-time analysis and alerting capabilities than before.

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We have integrations for all major AWS technologies, including:

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Built for CI/CD Workflows

Coralogix helps teams get a handle on their big data, reduce issue resolution time, improve customer satisfaction and decrease maintenance costs.

Features like version tagging can be used to generate benchmarks for every new version, which are then directly integrated with any deployment pipeline to enable teams to work faster, implement better feedback loops, keep up with fast-paced development cycles.

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On the first day, and without any customization whatsoever, we already received new insights. A week in, and our Ops teams across the board were already able to get so much more out of our data.

Dekel Shavit - VP of Operations & CISO at BioCatch

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