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AWS Observability

Full Observability for AWS Cloud-Native Applications

Leveraging AWS monitoring services and functions, modern organizations can achieve better scale, velocity, and flexibility. Now more than ever, organizations must prioritize AWS observability to maintain system reliability.

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We have integrations for all major AWS technologies, including:

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Centralized Observability Across Cloud-Native Environments

Ingest data from any source for clear visibility into all hybrid, multi-cloud environments, AWS service monitoring, and serverless functions in a single pane of glass.

Take full advantage of transformations, dynamic alerting, on-the-fly metric generation, log clustering, anomaly detection, and more – without needing to index your raw data – for limitless AWS observability that scales with you.

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Michael Gaskin

Michael Gaskin
Senior DevOps Manager at Puma

Once I installed that Lambda layer, I saw the logs from AWS Lambda streaming into Coralogix in the LiveTail view. I just thought, wow, this is good time-to-value.
5 stars
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Monitor All Environments in a Single Pane of Glass

Quickly pinpoint issues with end-to-end monitoring for all AWS observability data across environments giving full visibility into system health.

  1. Log template Automatically cluster millions of logs into unique templates
  2. Correlate Correlate metrics spikes with relevant log and trace data
  3. 3rd-party Trigger 3rd-party services based on query results or values
  4. Monitor Monitor performance across services with distributed tracing
  5. Data Maps Build custom data maps to visualize your system health

Optimized Costs with Infinite Data Retention in Amazon S3

Leverage the proactive analytics capabilities of Streama© to optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO) and stop indexing data you don’t expect to query.

Access archived data in your own Amazon monitoring S3 bucket at any time via the Coralogix UI or CLI, with no effect on your daily quota.

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Infinite-Data-Retention amazon s3

End-to-End Security for AWS Cloud Environments

The Coralogix platform incorporates all AWS observability data in a single pane of glass to provide a holistic security solution for your cloud-native environments. Improve your security posture, detect threats, and continuously analyze digital forensics.

  1. Cloud SIEM Next-Generation SIEM
  2. Cloud Posture Cloud & SaaS Posture Assessment
  3. Host Monitoring Network and Host-Level Monitoring
  4. Vulnerability Vulnerability Assessment
  5. Support 24/7 Support and Security Resource Center
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Security Posture
heidar eldberg

Heiðar Eldberg
DevOps Engineering Manager at Controlant

Coralogix provides all of this value at a fantastically competitive price, with the ability to meet the scale that we demand of them. It just works.
5 stars
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AWS Advanced Technology Partner

As an AWS Advanced Technology partner, we are one of only a small number of AWS-certified companies offering the most advanced capabilities for observability using technologies like AWS Graviton, Amazon Lambda, and more.

Register in the AWS Marketplace to pay as part of your AWS bill and/or EDP plans with any customization needed.

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aws advanced technology partner

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