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Google Cloud Platform

Complete Support for Google Cloud Services, from Application to Audit

Google Cloud Platform is one of the most popular cloud platforms in the world, with a collection of future facing features. Coralogix tightly integrates with the GCP ecosystem, including the wider Google Workspace toolset, to create a holistic, cutting edge observability experience that works.


Repeatable Observability for Repeatable Infrastructure

Stop treating your observability strategy as separate from your software development lifecycle. Utilize your favorite IaC toolkit, to match your repeatable infrastructure with repeatable observability. 

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Certified for Any Use Case

Coralogix conforms to PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR and more, ensuring that even the most secure GCP deployments can safely and reliably ingest their data in compliance with stringent regulatory standards.


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Unbeatable Support and Onboarding

Our unparalleled support and onboarding services can bring you success. Enjoy 24/7 support with a lightning-fast 30-second response time, and SLAs measured in minutes. Our expert team will manage your onboarding process, facilitating a smooth transition from your existing solutions. Benefit from the guidance of industry-leading observability experts.

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More than Applications and Infrastructure

Our integration with Google Workspace goes beyond auditing applications and infrastructure. We also provide authentication and access audits, enhancing your overall security measures and providing a single, true perspective on your security posture. 

Extensible Integrations into the Google Cloud Platform

Seamlessly connect to GCP Log Explorer and leverage the native integration with GCP Pub/Sub. Drive events from multiple sources toward Coralogix in a cost-effective and abstracted manner, empowering comprehensive monitoring and analysis.

Instant Time to Value with GCP Extensions

Experience instant time to value with our GCP Extensions. Deploy and update alerts, dashboards, views, and more for BigQuery, Firebase, Cloud Function, IAM, and other components. Our extensions lets you optimize your workflows and maximize the efficiency of your GCP environment.

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