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Get Affordable Observability Without the Hassle

Coralogix provides a fully managed analytics and observability platform that scales effortlessly so you can stop stressing about maintaining your homegrown observability stack and get back to the innovative projects that will drive your organization forward.

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green checkmark icon Auto-Parsing & Data Enrichment

Connect any data, in any format, and enjoy automatic parsing and real-time data enrichment.

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Get real-time, pre-index live tail to view logs from all servers in one place and with zero latency in your homegrown software.

green checkmark icon Data Clustering

Automatically cluster millions of logs at ingestion, and convert data to trackable metrics before indexing to extract previously unattainable system and business insights.

green checkmark icon ML-Powered Anomalies & Alerts

Detect abnormal activity without needing fixed thresholds, and get alerted to potential issues with dynamic alerting.

green checkmark icon Direct Archive Query

Manage your homegrown software and directly query data in the archive even if it was never indexed.

green checkmark icon Version Benchmarking

Integrate Coralogix with your CI/CD pipeline and get automatic impact analysis reports on every change you make.

Create Custom Dashboards for Next-Level Data Insights

Build custom dashboards using an easy-to-use Drag & Drop interface. Create widgets using complex queries in open source syntaxes such as Lucene and PromQL and add multi-level group-bys to slice and dice your data for continual monitoring of granular performance metrics.

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Scale Effortlessly and Optimize Costs

Using breakthrough data prioritization, Coralogix is able to reduce your total cost of ownership and ensure that data costs don’t increase exponentially as your systems grow.

Scales effortlessly alongside your system growth without exponential increases in cost.

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Enterprise-Grade, Homegrown Solution

Get the blazing-fast logging performance your enterprise needs while meeting the highest standards of availability, security, and compliance including GDPR, SOC2, PCI, and HIPAA certifications. 

Easily manage multiple teams, fine-tune permissions, and enjoy the convenience of SSO.

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24/7 White-Glove Support

Offload the support of your observability stack to our dedicated support staff. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you with your data processing, visualization, querying, alerting needs & more.

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Ben Yitzhaki
Infrastructure Engineer

Using Coralogix, setting up a centralized location for logs is intuitive and easy. Their support team really elevates the product by always being there when needed.
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100+ Integrations

Ingest data from anywhere and in any format using over 100 integrations or our REST API.

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