Our next-gen architecture is built to help you make sense of your ever-growing data. Watch a 4-min demo video!


Enhanced WAF performance for edge data

Affordably monitor all your edge data—requests, logs, metrics, traces—and confidently identify real threats with instantaneous alerting and multi-dimensional bot scoring. 

Real-time alerting and remediation

Our in-stream, asynchronous analysis easily handles vast volumes of complex edge data,  delivering accurate alerting in seconds. Coralogix’s rich suite of customizable alerts can trigger any defined remediation processes, resolving security issues in less than a minute from detection.

Accurate bot scoring with multidimensional correlation

Coralogix correlates CDN, WAF and RUM data points to provide highly accurate, transparent and customizable bot scoring. By combining IP data that is automatically enriched with geolocation and threat analysis feeds, together with any WAF or RUM detections of suspicious user behavior, you can create detailed, custom views of your security posture.

Native integrations and quick start packs

Curated parsing rules, alerts and dashboards are available out-of-the-box for hundreds of 3rd party tools including WAF solutions from AWS, Azure, Akamai, CloudFlare, Fastly and others. Experience instant time to value with over 300 integrations and unlock the power of full-stack observability for all your data. 

Built-in cost optimization for unlimited scaling

Coralogix in-stream data analysis doesn’t require expensive indexing and hot storage to generate insightful alerting and dashboards. Our rapid archive querying enables you to ingest and store far more data for far less cost. With unlimited retention in your own S3 bucket, you receive maximum insight and visibility into your data. 

Unparalleled 24/7 customer support

Coralogix provides 24/7 support with a lightning-fast 30-second response time, and SLAs measured in minutes. Additionally, our expert security team provides customized implementation, regular reviews, automated pen tests, threat hunting, incident response advisory & more.

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