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Security Insights: Over 1,000 Alerts & Dashboards in One Click

  • Navdeep Manaktala
  • November 7, 2023
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Security alerts

Ingesting data in the security world is only half of the battle. The second half is fought over insight generation. As security professionals, we understand that every second we spend creating dashboards, alerts, or parsing rules is a potential window of vulnerability, assuming this capability even exists within the organization.

This is why the Coralogix security extensions are so special, with the broadest set of “out of the box” detections on the market, instantly available and deployable in one click.

Why every second counts in security

Every minute without actionable security insights is a minute where potential threats could slip through the cracks. Traditional data setups often require extensive manual intervention, leaving more room for human error and missed threats. The result? Unexpected vulnerabilities and potentially, significant breaches. This translates directly into cost, with the global average cost of a data breach running at $4.45 million, in 2023.

Coralogix security extensions tackle this problem head-on, offering a swift and efficient solution for security professionals, without sacrificing that all important flexibility and control on which the best security teams thrive.

The security edge with Coralogix

Immediate threat detection: With over 1,000 ready-made alerts, covering platforms and tools like Kubernetes, GCP, Amazon RDS, Cloudflare, Okta, Google Workspaces, Github, Jumpcloud and much more, right out of the box, you’re immediately equipped to detect a wide range of security threats. These alerts, tailored for security use cases, and supporting ratio, time relative, unique count, new value and even machine learning driven detection, ensure that any anomalous behavior doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Future-ready alerting: Coralogix boasts an incredibly sophisticated set of alerts, allowing users to detect everything from low level anomalous activity to serious threats. Coupled with the unique power of Coralogix Flow Alerts, which enable users to chain together multiple alerts, over time, into a single, cohesive story that perfectly describes an outage, the Coralogix alert set covers even the most complex security use cases.

Huge coverage, instantly available: With detections built for GCP, Azure, AWS, CDNs, Databases, WAFs, Software repositories, productivity suits, prominent SaaS applications and more, regardless of your tech stack, Coralogix offers instant threat coverage in a single click.

Seamless integration: The Coralogix platform connects natively to dozens of existing messaging and orchestration systems, and even supports generic webhooks for incoming data and for incident routing, allowing you to introduce Coralogix into your ecosystem without difficulty.

Real-time analysis for proactive defense: In the realm of security, reactive measures often come too late. Snowbit’s in-stream analytics powered by Coralogix allow security professionals to analyze data in real-time, ensuring a proactive defense against potential threats.

Adaptive and evolving security measures: The digital threat landscape is ever-changing. To meet this challenge, the Coralogix security extensions enable one click deployment and updates within a customer account. Therefore, as new threat patterns emerge, the Coralogix team continuously updates existing extensions with new, more sophisticated versions, that you can tap into with a single click. Even after deployment, individual resources can be adjusted to meet the evolving security needs of your business.

Ease of deployment & management

Deploying a new extension in Coralogix is a simple, one click process. In one click, parsing rules, enrichments, dashboards and alerts are all created in your account, which begin detecting specific problems immediately. With over 1,000 alerts and dashboards in place, we’re confident that we can dramatically shorten your time to value. Each alert comes primed, with scope, context, remediations and even MITRE attack framework mappings, to ensure that these alarms are useful from day one.

Updates and customizations

With many out of the box solutions, speed is bought in exchange for flexibility. This is not the case with Coralogix. Even though your alerts, dashboards, enrichments and parsing rules are deployed automatically, you do not lose any granularity. Additional resources can be added with a few clicks in the Coralogix interface, and even resources that have been deployed via extensions can be customized to suit the specific needs of your organization, and ensure that you enjoy a quick time to value AND the ability to precisely express your security requirements in the Coralogix platform.

As security professionals, our primary goal is to safeguard our digital assets. Coralogix offers a streamlined approach to achieving this. Instead of getting bogged down by complex setups and configurations, security teams can focus on what truly matters: identifying threats, ensuring compliance, and fortifying defenses.

With Snowbit, powered by Coralogix, you’re not just leveraging a tool, you’re adopting a comprehensive security solution. In the age of increasing digital threats, can you afford to settle for anything less?

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