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Siem tools

How to Use SIEM Tools in the Modern World

In our highly connected world, organizations of all sizes need to be alert to the risk of cyberattacks. The genuine threats to today’s enterprises include data

security whitelist

What is a Security Whitelist?

In April 2022 alone, there were 14.3m records breached due to 80 significant security incidents. These incidents make up a complex, shifting landscape of cyberattacks that

What is the Most Vulnerable Data My Company Holds?

Data security is on every priority list in 2022. With the frequency of breaches never higher, many businesses assess their situation and ask cybersecurity questions. With

splunk indexer

Splunk Indexer Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

A new vulnerability, CVE-2021-342 has been discovered in the Splunk indexer component, which is a commonly utilized part of the Splunk Enterprise suite. We’re going to

okta breach - coralogix

How to Tell if You Were Attacked in the Recent Okta Security Breach

Today, Okta, a leading enterprise identity and access management firm, reported that it had launched an inquiry after the LAPSUS$ hacking group posted screenshots on Telegram.

5 Cybersecurity Tools to Safeguard Your Business

With the exponential rise in cybercrimes in the last decade, cybersecurity for businesses is no longer an option — it’s a necessity. Fuelled by the forced

IoT Security

IoT Security: How Important are Logs for System?

IoT has rapidly moved from a fringe technology to a mainstream collection of techniques, protocols, and applications that better enable you to support and monitor a

cyber security 2021

Cyber Security in 2021 – What Happened?

2021 was quite a year. Some things changed, and some things very much stayed the same. The world of cyber security was not immune to this

Optimized Traffic Mirroring Examples – Part 2

In a previous post, we looked at an example of a fictional bookstore company and recommended mirroring strategies for that specific scenario. In this post, we’ll

DDOS Attacks: How to Protect Yourself from the Political Cyber Attack

In the past 24 hours, funding website GiveSendGo has reported that they’ve been the victim of a DDOS attack, in response to the politically charged debate

Optimized Security Traffic Mirroring Examples – Part 1

You have to capture everything to investigate security issues thoroughly, right? More often than not, data that at one time was labeled irrelevant and thrown away

Harness AIOPs Security

Harnessing AIOps to Improve System Security

You’ve probably seen the term AIOps appear as the subject of an article or talk recently, and there’s a reason. AIOps is merging DevOps principles with

Application Level Security

Have You Forgotten About Application-Level Security?

Security is one of the most changeable landscapes in technology at the moment. With innovations, come new threats, and it seems like every week brings news

coralogix security

How to Detect Log4Shell Events Using Coralogix

What is Log4Shell? The Log4J library is one of the most widely-used logging libraries for Java code. On the 24th of November 2021, Alibaba’s Cloud Security

What You Can Learn About Cyber Security from the Biggest Breaches in History

It feels like cybersecurity is dominating the newsfeeds, doesn’t it? There is a reason. Cyberattacks and cybercrime have risen dramatically in the last five years. 2020

executive order security

How Biden’s Executive Order on Improving Cybersecurity Will Impact Your Systems

President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order which made adhering to cybersecurity standards a legal requirement for federal departments and agencies. The move was not

kubernetes security

5 Strategies for Safeguarding your Kubernetes Security

Since Google first introduced Kubernetes, it’s become one of the most popular DevOps platforms on the market. Unfortunately, increasingly widespread usage has made Kubernetes a growing

ingesting firewall logs

The Value of Ingesting Firewall Logs

In this article, we are going to explore the process of ingesting logs into your data lake, and the value of importing your firewall logs into

security tool arsenal

What’s the Most Powerful Tool in Your Security Arsenal? 

Trying to work out the best security tool is a little like trying to choose a golf club three shots ahead – you don’t know what

network security history

Network Security: The Journey from Chewiness to Zero Trust Networking

Network security has changed a lot over the years, it had to. From wide open infrastructures to tightly controlled environments, the standard practices of network security

security standards devsecops

Stop Enforcing Security Standards – Start Implementing Policies

In days gone by, highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and finance were the biggest targets for nefarious cyber actors, due to the financial resources at banks

elastic stack vulnerabilities

5 Common Elasticsearch Mistakes That Lead to Data Breaches

Avon and Family Tree aren’t companies you would normally associate with cybersecurity, but this year, all three were on the wrong side of it when they

PCI Logging Rules Your Organization NEEDS to Know

For an organization to be compliant with PCI logging requirements, it must follow PCI Requirement 10 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

SIEM Tutorial: What should a good SIEM Provider do for you?

Modern day Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tooling enterprise security technology combine systems together for a comprehensive view of IT security. This can be tricky,

The Cloud Network Security Gap

Before we dive into the gap in cloud network security, let’s take a step back. If you’ve been in Operations for a while, you might remember

Elasticsearch Vulnerability: How to Remediate the Most Recent Issues

An Elastic Security Advisory (ESA) is a notice from Elastic to its users of a new Elasticsearch vulnerability. The vendor assigns both a CVE and an

How SIEM is evolving in 2020

The evolution of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is deeply intertwined with cloud computing, both in terms of technological breakthroughs the cloud provided and from

Does Complexity Equal Security?

“Teacher somewhere in India: The world you see is supported by a giant turtle. Student: And what holds this giant turtle down? Teacher: Another giant turtle,

The who, the what, the where & when, the why & some AI

When you hear the word “permission” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s the picture in which I’m telling my kids not

Does Open Source Equal Free?

Open source tools have been gaining momentum in recent years, largely due to the contribution of several factors, including improved user interfaces, the inability of commercial