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Sumo Logic Breach: What We Know So Far

  • Chris Cooney
  • November 9, 2023
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On the 7th of November, Sumo Logic announced a security incident. Their security team detected the use of a compromised set of credentials to access a Sumo Logic AWS account. This Sumo Logic breach has had a downstream impact on users. Let’s get into the facts of what we know.


  • November 3, 2023: Sumo Logic discovers a potential security incident involving a compromised credential used to access their AWS account.
  • November 7, 2023: Sumo Logic announces knowledge of the vulnerability, including remediation steps.

The Nature of the Sumo Logic Breach

The Sumo Logic breach, discovered on November 3, 2023, involved an attacker utilizing compromised credentials to access a Sumo Logic AWS account. No impacts on the company’s networks or systems have yet been found and customer data appears to remain encrypted.

Sumo Logic responded swiftly by securing their infrastructure, changing compromised credentials, and enhancing security measures. The investigation continues, and Sumo Logic commits to notifying customers if evidence of malicious access is detected.

Customer Remediation Steps

In response to the Sumo Logic breach, the company has recommended that customers promptly rotate critical credentials, including Sumo Logic API access keys. As an added precaution, customers are also encouraged to consider rotating Sumo Logic installed collector credentials, third-party credentials associated with data collection, and their user passwords.

The Potential Impact for Sumo Logic

Every security breach comes with the same damages.

Reputation Impact: Security breaches erode trust in an organization, and in the world of SaaS Observability, it’s incredibly important that an organization has a sterling reputation for data management and security practices.

Potential Data Exposure: While there is no evidence of any data exposure, if any leaks come to light, the financial and operational impact to Sumo Logicand its customers could be significant.

Regulatory Scrutiny: Sumo Logic operates under several regulatory certifications. Many of these certifications require certain security practices to be followed. If an investigation reveals that a failure to adhere to these practices resulted in this breach, then regulators may take a firmer view on Sumo Logic.

Short Term Support Needs: Sumo Logic customer support teams will need to be trained to field questions around the Sumo Logic breach, to prevent further confusion and concern.

A Note to Sumo Logic From Us

Observability is a competitive industry, and it is easy for organizations to forget that while we are in competition, we are also friends. We sincerely hope that Sumo Logic finds no further evidence of malicious activity, and that this incident is as short lived and uneventful as possible. We’re rooting for you.

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