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Contextual Data Analysis

Correlate Contextual Data with System Health Metrics

Get added context and deeper system observability by ingesting small pockets of data that can be correlated to errors and system health metrics.

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Small Data, Big Value

Sources of small data within an organization are often overlooked as either not holding much value or as noise. However, when we consider diagnostics and the information that we need for system observability, these small pockets of data can hold tremendous value.

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Cloud Availability Reports

View your cloud provider’s availability status and events together with your own data visualization tools to quickly triage whether an issue is caused by your environment or a cloud service issue.

Repository Insights

Get insights around any commit or pull request in your repository within the context of your production data to understand how code changes affect your system.

CI/CD Events

View your data in the context of version deployments to quickly isolate issues caused by new deployments in staging or production environments.


Collect any notifications sent to SNS in your AWS account then correlate them with production events generated by your systems.

Alert Aggregators

Ingest all alert sources together into Coralogix for alert correlation, incident context, data analysis and visualization.

Corporate Chats

Record messages in public Slack channels for maximum compliance, security, and conversational context to your machine data.

3rd Party Status Pages

Track all of your 3rd party status pages using data observability tools for immediate alerting on any 3rd party impact on your production quality or stability.

Support Platforms

See your Intercom support chats together with your machine data to unify incident response and impact analysis within seconds.

Security Events

Connect your cloud and CDN audit logs and infrastructure audit for maximum control and correlation with logs, metrics, and security data.

ML-Powered, Contextual Alerting

The most extensive alerting mechanism in the market, Coralogix pinpoints critical issues and dramatically reduces false positives to avoid alert fatigue. Track the critical parts of your system and SLOs using advanced alerts including:

  • Dynamic thresholds
  • ‘Ratio between’ queries
  • New value detection
  • Cardinality alerts
  • Query sequences
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Data Observability Platform Built for Fast-Paced Environments

Contextual data around deployments or system changes helps to correlate events with new releases to reduce issue resolution time, decrease maintenance costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Version benchmarks are generated when new code is released and can be integrated directly to any deployment pipeline to enable teams to implement better feedback loops and keep up with fast-paced development cycles.

Learn More about Event Tags
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Create Custom Dashboards for Next-Level Data Insights

Build custom dashboards using an easy-to-use Drag & Drop interface. Create widgets using complex queries in open source syntaxes such as Lucene and PromQL and add multi-level group-bys to slice and dice your data for continual monitoring of granular performance metrics.

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100+ Integrations

Ingest data from anywhere and in any format using over 100 integrations or our REST API.

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