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Coralogix and observability at the edge

  • Ariel Assaraf and Chris Cooney
  • March 13, 2024
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Observing Edge & WAF solutions is challenging. There are a host of unique problems to overcome, including security complexities and traffic intent identification. Let’s explore the complexities of observing edge data and how Coralogix’s revolutionary features take an entirely new approach to edge observability.

The Challenges of WAF and Edge Data

Organizations face five key challenges when they embark on edge observability.

Volume – Huge amounts of data from requests, logs, metrics, and traces.
Signal vs. Noise – Hard to separate genuine users from bots and scrapers amid vast internet activity.
Real-time Processing – Expensive and complex to analyze data swiftly.
Traffic Identification – Challenging to detect malicious traffic within the noise
Cost – High expenses for managing and observing Edge & WAF.

How Coralogix Meets These Challenges Head On 

Each of these challenges is answered elegantly by the Coralogix feature set. Whether this is our unique architecture, or our standout archive query features. How does Coralogix tackle the problem of Edge and WAF Observability? 

The Architecture For Future Observability

Streama underpins the Coralogix platform. At its heart, Streama is a design philosophy that minimizes side effects and decouples transformation from disk operations, meaning that when data is being transformed and processed in-stream, the only constraint is CPU. The outcome of this is one of the most scalable, cost-effective, and responsive data processing architectures on the market. 

Easy, Native Integrations

With integrations to Fastly CDN, Akamai, AWS WAF, ALB, CloudFront, and more, Coralogix makes the integration challenge trivial, with three-click processes and clear, easily followed guides. Coralogix integrations & extension packages minimize the time between the initial connection and insight generation. Even legacy CDN and Edge solutions can be connected to Coralogix, using our extensible collection of APIs. 

The Simplest Pricing Model on the Market

Coralogix Pricing

Frequent SearchData is indexed and placed in hot storage. Full access to all features.
MonitoringData is not indexed but fully analyzed in-stream and stored in archive. Full access to all features.
ComplianceData is sent straight to archive but can be fully queried at high speed with no extra cost.

No extra charges, hidden costs, or “per service” fees. Coralogix customers pay only by data volume. After ingesting data into Coralogix, the platform is completely open and accessible. For WAF and Edge customers, this means that once the data has been sent to Coralogix, insight generation is unlimited, with no hidden charges waiting to discourage you from diving into your data. 

Unlimited Scale Without the Price Tag

Rather than deleting precious WAF or Edge server access logs, simply route them directly to the archive. Coralogix’s unique archive, utilizing storage solutions like Amazon S3, make it possible for customers to retain huge volumes of data without exponentially increasing their costs. Coupled with our revolutionary direct archive query, customers no longer need to worry about reindexing or rehydrating data. Millions of archived logs and traces can be directly queried in seconds at no additional cost, without rehydration.

Intelligent Detection & Enrichment

Data ingested into the Coralogix platform can be enriched, parsed, transformed, and investigated in a million different ways, including automatically detecting IP addresses from suspicious sources. When combined with edge data, these features make it possible to generate insights and detect dangers in even the most obscure, unstructured data. 

Cross-Cutting Insights

Utilize clustering algorithms to bring disparate WAF and Edge logs together. Instead of scrolling through millions of individual log lines to find a pattern, let Coralogix templating capture the key insights that you need to find exactly what is happening in your system. 

Unparalleled Cost Optimization

Access the TCO Optimizer, Events2Metrics and more, to intelligently route your data to the most effective use case and format, driving down cost by up to 70%. Whether it’s verbose access logs, critical WAF action logs, or highly granular edge latency metrics, everything can be ingested with confidence, and total control over spend.

All in all…

Coralogix meets the challenges of Edge and WAF Observability perfectly. Its unique architecture and compelling features make it an extremely competitive option for anyone who is looking for unrestricted, unlimited access to their data, without a huge price tag or queries that take days to finish. Begin your Edge Observability journey today. 

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