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Coralogix’s Cross-Vendor Compatibility To Keep Your Workflow Smooth

  • Chris Cooney
  • June 11, 2023
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Coralogix offers cross-vendor compatibility

Coralogix supports logs, metrics, traces and security data, but some organizations need a multi-vendor strategy to achieve their observability goals, whether it’s developer adoption, or vendor lock-in is preventing them from migrating all of their data.

Coralogix offers a set of features that allow customers to bring all of their data into a single flow—across SaaS and hosted solutions. 

Custom actions: Bring extensibility to your data

Custom actions in Coralogix let customers define bespoke functionality within the platform, such as redirect their browser to another SaaS vendor, a hosted solution within their VPN or another application entirely. Custom actions enable extensible observability, which is the key to a cross-vendor strategy.

How does it work?

Custom actions allow Coralogix customers to populate URL templates with values from the data. For example, a custom action attached to a log can template a URL with values from within the log document, or any related metadata. 

Joining Coralogix logs to DataDog metrics

A customer may host their logs in Coralogix, but have their infrastructure metrics in DataDog. Normally, this would lead to a fragmented and confusing debugging process, however Coralogix makes this hybrid process easy. 

Using custom actions, Coralogix customers can easily connect multiple solutions together, with one click integrations. This encourages a true multi-vendor strategy and makes it as easy as possible to get the greatest possible benefit from every tool for which your organization is paying. 

Connecting Coralogix metrics to New Relic infrastructure monitoring

Metrics can also be connected using Coralogix’s custom actions. Customers can define simple integrations from their metrics views, like DataMap, and instantly jump to any other view they want. For example, to the Infrastructure and Kubernetes monitoring in New Relic.

Coralogix. Ready for anything, open to everyone.

At Coralogix, we don’t believe in locking our customers in, whether that’s with proprietary agents, custom data formats or obscure pricing. Instead, we favor open source integrations, use open source data formats and have the most effective pricing model on the market

That also goes for our integrations. Coralogix boasts a comprehensive featureset, processing logs, metrics, traces and security data. You can also convert that into tailored infrastructure monitoring, custom dashboards, data transformation pipelines and much more.

Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for all of our customers, giving them the tools they need to solve any problem along the way. Coralogix doesn’t just integrate cleanly with open source tooling. Our custom actions integrate with competitors’ platforms to keep your observability workflow smooth.  

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