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Software Development

debugging for engineers

Five Tricks that Senior Engineers Use When They’re Debugging

Debugging is a fundamental skill in the arsenal of any engineer. Mistakes happen, and bugs are inevitable, but a skilled debugger can catch a bug early

graphql api

A GraphQL Introduction: Benefits and Tips for Using This API Technology

GraphQL is an open-source query and manipulation language to use for APIs. It contains server-side functionality and a query language for maintaining data interfaces. It was

execution image

Understanding the Execution Context in JavaScript

The execution context in JavaScript is arguably the most important thing for you to understand, as a firm understanding will give you the basic knowledge you

web assembly deep dive

Web Assembly Deep Dive – How it Works, And Is It The Future?

You’ve most likely heard of Web Assembly. Maybe you’ve heard about how game-changing of a technology it is, and maybe you’ve heard about how it’s going

communication in software development

The Importance of Communication in Software Development Teams

Programming is often thought of purely as a problem-solving activity. This may be true for the lone coder in their garage, but in the multi-person environment

kanban software development

Basic Principles of Kanban Software Development

Kanban software development is a popular, highly visual framework that falls under the Agile methodology. It requires real-time communication of availability and capacity, allowing full transparency

more changes banner

More Changes Mean More Challenges for Troubleshooting

The widespread adoption of Agile methodologies in recent years has allowed organizations to significantly increase their ability to push out more high quality software.  Previous development

js engine behind the scenes

How JS Works Behind The Scenes — The Engine

Have you ever asked yourself “how does this all work behind the scenes?”. I know I have. Having a deep understanding of certain concepts allows us

saas vs hosted comparison

SaaS vs Hosted Solutions: Which Should You Choose and Why?

A key decision that must be made in a product’s lifecycle is SaaS vs Hosted. Should we be only employing the use of hosted solutions, or

developer struggling to keep product focus

5 Common Distractions that Risk Breaking up Your Product Focus

Maintaining product focus is the best way to guarantee a successful business. As the late great Steve Jobs put it:  “if you keep an eye on the

secure java code

Best Practices for Writing Secure Java Code

Every Java developer should follow coding standards and best practices to develop secure Java code. It is critical your code is not vulnerable to exploits or

chaos engineering

What is Chaos Engineering and How to Implement It

Chaos Engineering is one of the hottest new approaches in DevOps. Netflix first pioneered it back in 2008, and since then it’s been adopted by thousands

release bottleneck cover

Where is Your Next Release Bottleneck? 

A typical modern DevOps pipeline includes eight major stages, and unfortunately, a release bottleneck can appear at any point: These may slow down productivity and limit

maintain software delivery speed

Common Pitfalls in Maintaining Speed of Software Development

Google is known for giving developers difficult and quirky brain teasers during the hiring process. They’re specifically designed to filter out all but the top 1%

Kafka Consumer Issues: Fixing JVM Garbage Collection Problems

  Kafka has become the last word in data streaming. It provides a highly performant, highly available messaging capability. We, at Coralogix, make heavy use of

become a better developer

Tricks to being A better developer

The daily routine in the world of any Developer rarely ever reaches a point of tranquility. It takes real passion and drives to be able to

Recommended youtube channels

8 Awesome YouTube Channels for Developers To Subscribe To

Do you know how sometimes you go on YouTube with the intention to extract a bit of info, then end up being pulled into the rabbit

things developers hate

Top 3 Time-Consuming Annoyances for Developers

Developers, Data Scientists, and Software Engineers alike have a lot in common when it comes to their jobs. They are in high demand, get paid well,

testing Vs Debugging

Testing Vs Debugging, which do you prefer?

“My job, in theory, is to build, test, deploy and maintain software. My job, in reality, is more like the Sisyphus vortex.” This is the response

C# time saving tools

5 time-saving tools for C# development

John Lennon once famously said ‘Imagine there’s no debugging. It’s easy if you try.’ Ok…he didn’t say exactly that, but he would have if he’d tried

Java logging how to

Five Tools Every Java Developer Needs

There are a lot of tools out there but these are the ones you really need Search the internet for “Java Developer Tools” and millions of

Delivery Vs Quality

Delivery vs. Quality – Why not both?

Delivery vs. Quality – Why not both? from Coralogix On our previous post we talked about the huge amount of time that software developers spend on

this-is-what-your-developers-are-doing-75% of the time

This is what your developers are doing 75% of the time, and this is the cost you pay

This is what your developers are doing 75% of the time, and this is the cost you pay from Coralogix Following our last post on how