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AWS Service Observability using OpenTelemetry 

Efficient use of observability statistics is essential to any microservice architecture. OpenTelemetry is a project supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to enhance the

4 Different Ways to Ingest Data in AWS OpenSearch

AWS OpenSearch is a project based on Elastic’s Elasticsearch and Kibana projects. Amazon created OpenSearch from the last open-source version of ElasticSearch (7.10) and is part

Using Synthetic Endpoints to Quality Check your Platform

Quality control and observability of your platform are critical for any customer-facing application. Businesses need to understand their user’s experience in every step of the app

3 Metrics to Monitor When Using Elastic Load Balancing

One of the benefits of deploying software on the cloud is allocating a variable amount of resources to your platform as needed. To do this, your

How to Setup AWS CloudWatch Agent Using AWS Systems Manager

What is AWS Systems Manager Before we jump into this, it’s important to note that older names, and still in use in some areas of AWS,

lambda extension

Using Lambda Extensions to Streamline Observability

Lambda Observability Lambda is a top-rated compute service available on the AWS cloud service network. Its popularity largely derives from its ease of use, allowing users

We’re Thrilled To Share – Coralogix has Received AWS DevOps Competency

At Coralogix, we believe in giving companies the best of the best – that’s what we strive for with everything we do. With that, we are

Next Generation AWS Lambda Functions Powered by AWS Graviton2 Processors

Modern computing has come a long way in the last couple of years and the introduction of new technologies is only accelerating the rate of advancements.

aws cloudwatch

Tutorial: Setting up AWS CloudWatch Alarms

AWS CloudWatch is a service that allows you to monitor and manage deployed applications and resources within your AWS account and region. It contains tools that