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DevOps & IT Operations

5 Ways Scrum Teams Can Be More Efficient

With progressive delivery, DevOps, scrum, and agile methodologies, the software delivery process has become faster and more collaborative than ever before. Scrum has emerged as a

github outage

The latest Github outage and how it impacts observability

Every now and then, issues occur that disrupt the very fabric of global software engineering. Chief amongst them is the recent mass outage of Github. Github

mitigate tool sprawl

How to Mitigate DevOps Tool Sprawl in Enterprise Organizations

There’s an insidious disease increasingly afflicting DevOps teams. It begins innocuously. A team member suggests adding a new logging tool. The senior dev decides to upgrade


Intro to AIOps: Leveraging AI and Machine Learning in DevOps

AIOps is a DevOps strategy that brings the power of machine learning to bear on observability and system management. It’s not surprising that an increasing number

netflix fault injection

How Netflix Uses Fault Injection To Truly Understand Their Resilience

Distributed systems such as microservices have defined software engineering over the last decade. The majority of advancements have been in increasing resilience, flexibility, and rapidity of

grafna blog banner

Using NoSQL Databases as Backend Storage for Grafana

Grafana is a popular way of monitoring and analysing data. You can use it to build dashboards for visualizing, analyzing, querying, and alerting on data when

what is gitops

What is GitOps, Where Did It Come From, and Why Should You Care?

“What is GitOps?” – a question which has seen increasing popularity on Google searches and blog posts in the last three years. If you want to

devops vs devsecops

DevSecOps vs DevOps: What are the Differences?

The modern technology landscape is ever-changing, with an increasing focus on methodologies and practices. Recently we’re seeing a clash between two of the newer and most

devops change management

How to Implement Effective DevOps Change Management

A decade ago, DevOps teams were slow, lumbering behemoths with little automation and lots of manual review processes. As explained in the 2020 State of DevOps

google outage post cover

What the Google Outage Can Teach Us About Our Own Services

This week, the world stopped for a few hours as Google users experienced an outage on a massive scale. The outage affected ALL services which require

Are your customers catching production problems 🔥 before you do?

Availability and quality are the biggest differentiators when people opt for a service or product today. You should be aware of the impact of your customers

CI/CD Tutorial: How to deploy an AWS Jenkins Pipeline

In the previous article, we have created the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline for a simple Java application. It is now time to start working on the

Log maintanace

Is Your Team Spending too Much Time on Log Maintenance?

Log maintenance has a hidden cost. Engineers optimize their instance types, storage, networking, dependencies, and much more. However, we rarely consider the engineers themselves. A DevOps

newly introduced errors in your CI/CD releases

Are you on top of newly introduced errors in your CI/CD releases?

Log files are infamous for being “noisy”. Without the right management solution, trying to find a specific piece of information or using them to reproduce a

DevOps Monitoring Illustration

How DevOps Monitoring Impacts Your Organization

DevOps monitoring didn’t simply become part of the collective engineering consciousness. It was built, brick by brick, by practices that have continued to grow and flourish

The Definitive Guide to Configuration Management Tools

Many of the available configuration management tools, such as Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Chef, and Saltstack provide automation for infrastructure, cloud, compliance and security management, and integration for deployment and continuous deployment (CI / CD). But what is the best tool to start automating your particular environment?

log analytics market report idc

The Pivotal Role of Log Analytics in Modern IT Infrastructures

In this survey of over 200 CIOs in the US, the IDC analyses the critical role played by Log Analytics in any modern infrastructure. IDC Opinion

Overcoming DNS barriers for Kubernetes Scaling

It was a cloudy winter morning when I had arrived at the office and found, to our horror, that a Kubernetes cluster was suffering from extremely high CPU and network usage and had become almost completely non-functional.

auditbeat infrastructure

Using Auditbeat to protect your critical infrastructure

What are Beats Beats are lightweight, purpose-built agents that acquire data and then feed it to Elasticsearch. Beats use the libbeat framework that makes it easy to create

Kafka Guide

Introduction to Kafka Tutorial

Kafka is an open source real-time streaming messaging system and protocol built around the publish-subscribe system. In this system, producers publish data to feeds for which

CDN Why Need Them

CDNs and Why You Need Them

This post will explain about CDNs, one of the most important components of the modern web applications. It’s the technology that allows the world’s most popular

Test Automation Tools to Accelerate CI/CD

So much of our world has moved away from the slow and methodical, towards the agile and iterative. In transport, for example, everything is “on demand”,



In the past, applications would be deployed by installation on a host, using the operating system package manager. This was a heavy solution with tremendous reliance

Helm Vs. Terraform

Terraform vs Helm Charts

Since Docker first came onto the scene in 2013 and really popularized containerization, many organizations have chosen to deploy cloud workloads using Docker containers. Containers come

Travis CI Vs. CircleCI

Travis CI vs CircleCI

Travis CI vs CircleCI The way we think about development started with Waterfall – sequential, solid, conservative – moved to Agile, whose origins can be traced

how to explain devops

How To Explain DevOps – 10 Ways To Get It Perfectly Right

DevOps: 10 Explanations That Get It Perfectly Right Describing your profession to other people is never easy, especially if you work in the development field. Non-technical

implementing devops barriers

DevOps: Overcoming the Barriers to Adoption

Considering the countless benefits of incorporating DevOps into practices, the barriers that are often faced towards adoption can be considered comical. If you’re facing difficulties in

free elk cost

How much does the free ELK stack cost you?

The free ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) is not as free as it is cracked up to be. This post will focus on the costs of

DevOps log analysis

What DevOps Look for When Choosing a Logging and Monitoring Tool

By now DevOps are hopefully aware that among the multitude of modern analytics methods available to them, an advanced logging and monitoring tool provides the most

power of logs

DevOps: Release the Hidden Power of Your Log Files

Though the widespread embrace of the DevOps approach is showing no signs of winding down, its efficacy now appears to be a bone of contention among