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June 2022 Platform Updates

Our team has been hard at work this month to introduce 2 new parsing rules, DataMap improvements, updated tracing visualizations for SLA monitoring & more. Get

may 2022 platform updates cover

May 2022 Platform Updates

Our team has been working hard on building exciting new features like our DataMap, advanced Tracing UI, and more that will give you even greater power

Coralogix’s Streama Technology: The Ultimate Party Bouncer

Coralogix is not just another monitoring or observability platform. We’re using our unique Streama technology to analyze data without needing to index it so teams can

zero-error policy

How We Implemented a Zero-Error Policy Using Coralogix

With dozens of microservices running on multiple production regions, getting to a point where any error log can be immediately identified and resolved feels like a

office365 and azure

Monitoring Office365 and Azure Health Status with Coralogix

Life is all about perspective, and the way we look at things often defines us as individuals, professionals, business entities, and products. How you understand the

free data lake coralogix

Creating a Free Data Lake with Coralogix

Like many cool tools out there, this project started from a request made by a customer of ours. Having recently migrated to our service, this customer

Exciting New Features of Coralogix STA

We at Coralogix, believe that cloud security is not a “nice-to-have” feature – something that only large organizations can benefit from or are entitled to have.

Nagios Connector

Stay Alert! Building the Coralogix-Nagios Connector

Ask any DevOps engineer, and they will tell you about all the alerts they enable so they can stay informed about their code. These alerts are

coralogix and azure

Limit Coralogix Usage per Account Using Azure Functions

At Payoneer, we use Coralogix to collect logs from all our environments from QA to PROD. Each environment has its own account in Coralogix and thus

Coralogix and Terraform

How IaC helps integrate Coralogix with Terraform

Infrastructure as Code is an increasingly popular DevOps paradigm. IaC has the ability to abstract away the details of server provisioning. This tutorial will look at

custom data enrichment coralogix

Elevate Your Event Data With Custom Data Enrichment in Coralogix

Have you ever found yourself late at night combing through a myriad of logs attempting to determine why your cluster went down? Yes, that’s a really

system traceability

How Cloudflare Logs Provide Traffic, Performance, and Security Insights with Coralogix

Cloudflare secures and ensures the reliability of your external-facing resources such as websites, APIs, and applications. It protects your internal resources such as behind-the-firewall applications, teams,

coralogix security traffic analyzer

What is the Coralogix Security Traffic Analyzer (STA), and Why Do I Need It?

The wide-spread adoption of cloud infrastructure has proven to be highly beneficial, but has also introduced new challenges and added costs – especially when it comes

fortigate logs

Using Coralogix to Gain Insights From Your FortiGate Logs

FortiGate, a next-generation firewall from IT Cyber Security leaders Fortinet, provides the ultimate threat protection for businesses of all sizes. FortiGate helps you understand what is

stack pulse banner

Using Coralogix + StackPulse to Automatically Enrich Alerts and Manage Incidents

Keeping digital services reliable is more important than ever.  When something goes wrong in production, on-call teams face significant pressure to identify and resolve the incident

zio kubernetes coralogix operator

The Coralogix Operator: A Tale of ZIO and Kubernetes

As our customers scale and utilize Coralogix for more teams and use cases, we decided to make their lives easier and allow them to set up

troubleshoot aws lambda

How to Troubleshoot AWS Lambda Log Collection in Coralogix

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the underlying compute resources for you. The code


Onelogin Log Insights with Coralogix

OneLogin is one of the top leading Unified Access Management platforms, enabling organizations to manage and Access their cloud applications in a secure way. OneLogin makes it


Unleash your Auth0 Log Insights With Coralogix

Auth0 is one of the top leading identity management platforms in the world. It’s focused on providing solutions for application builders, specifically solutions needed for custom-built

logstash coralogix

A Practical Guide to Logstash: Shipping Logs to Coralogix with Logstash

Logstash is a tool to collect, process, and forward events and log messages and this Logstash tutorial will get you started quickly. It was created by

coralogix and guardduty

Protect Your AWS Infrastructure with GuardDuty and Coralogix

What is GuardDuty Cloud environments like AWS can be a challenge for security monitoring services to operate in since assets tend to dynamically appear and disappear.

Integrating Coralogix Alerts with PagerDuty

Coralogix offers the most extensive alerting mechanism in the logging market, including built-in webhooks for PagerDuty, custom webhooks, and automatic resolve notifications. PagerDuty is a leader in

Okta Logs

Okta Log Insights with Coralogix

This post will show you how Coralogix can provide analytics and insights for your Okta logs, both performance, and security. Okta is one of the leading

fastly logs

Fastly Logs Insights with Coralogix

This tutorial will show you how can Coralogix provide analytics and insights for the Fastly logs you ship to Coralogix, both performance, and security. To get

Grafana Coralogix

Getting Started with Grafana Dashboards using Coralogix

One of the most common dashboards for metric visualization and alerting is, of course, Grafana. In addition to logs, we use metrics to ensure the stability and

Coralogix and CircleCI

Continuously Manage Your CircleCI Implementation with Coralogix

For many companies, success depends on efficient build, test and delivery processes resulting in higher quality. However, development and deployment environments can become complex very quickly,

Guide: Parsing Multiline Logs with Coralogix

In the context of logging, multiline logs happen when a single log is written as multiple lines in the log file. This can either be caused

Optimizing a Golang Service to Reduce Over 40% CPU

10 years ago, Google was facing a critical bottleneck caused by extremely prolonged C++ compilation times and needed a totally new way to solve it. Google


Guide: RegEx 101 for Managing Log Data in Coralogix

Regular expressions can be crucial for wrangling log data efficiently. You may want to extract specific data from your logs to make it easier to analyze

a tale of Kafka Streams

Avoiding death by external side effects — a tale of Kafka Streams

At Coralogix, we strive to ensure that our customers get a stable, real-time service at scale. As part of this commitment, we are constantly improving our