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On-premise vs. On the Cloud

Since its emergence in the mid-2000s, the cloud computing market has evolved significantly. The benefits of reliability, scalability, and reduced set-up costs have created a demand

Cloud Native Observability

Introducing Cloud Native Observability

The term ‘cloud native’ has become a much-used buzz phrase in the software industry over the last decade. But what does cloud-native mean? The Cloud Native

aws serverless computing solutions

AWS Lambda vs Azure Functions vs Google Cloud Functions

Serverless computing is on the rise, having already earned the mantle of “The Next Big Thing”. For developers, serverless computing means less concern regarding infrastructure when

enterprise cloud services

What We Learned About Enterprise Cloud Services From the 2021 Azure Outage

Azure, AWS, and GCP cloud services are invaluable to their enterprise customers. When providers like Microsoft are hit with DNS issues or other errors that lead

aws serverless computing solutions

Choosing the Best AWS Serverless Computing Solution

Serverless computing is becoming increasingly popular in software development due to its flexibility of development and the ability it affords to test out and run solutions

cloud vendor lock-in

11 Tips for Avoiding Cloud Vendor Lock-In 

Cloud vendor lock-in. In cloud computing, software or computing infrastructure is commonly outsourced to cloud vendors. When the cost and effort of switching to a new

cloudwatch cost

Is CloudWatch Really Cost Efficient?

One of the keys to CloudWatch’s success is its no bang, no buck billing system. The pricing structure has been designed from the outset to ensure

cloud providers

Strategically Managing Cloud Resources for Security, Fun, and Profit

The first time I created a cloud compute instance, then called a “Cloud VM”, was an almost transcendent moment. It was like magic. I was at

cloud providers

What to consider when choosing a cloud provider

These days, it seems like platform and infrastructure services are more available than ever. With 4 large cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCE and Softlayer) and countless

reduce cloud costs

5 intermediate level tips to reduce cloud costs

Cloud costs. Everybody wants to keep them down as much as possible while maintaining reliability and service quality. In this post, we’d like to go beyond