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dark side micro services

The dark side of Micro services

If you build it right and not just use it as a buzz word, I believe we can all agree that microservices are great and that they make

Analyzing 1%

Why Are we Analyzing Only 1% of Our Logs?

Here at Coralogix, one of the main goals we have is what we call “Make Big Data small” the idea is to allow our users to

Java logging how to

Java logging – how to do it right

Proper logging is something you want to plan and standardize before you start writing your code, especially if it involves different teams or separate locations. During

leverage log analytics

How to Leverage Your Log Analytics

How to Leverage your Log Analytics from Coralogix Here at Coralogix, we’ve mentioned before how Log Analytics has increasingly been gaining attention and is creating a

quality pillars

The 5 quality pillars any R&D must own

  The 5 Quality Pillars Any R&D Must Own from Coralogix In today’s competitive world of software development, one of the key factors for a company’s

process big data with 1.5KB

How we process our Big Data using 1.5Kb

Process your Big Data using 1.5 Kb from Coralogix During one of our data-munging sessions here at Coralogix, we found ourselves needing to assess the cardinality

ecommerce logs

These 4 parameters will make or break your E-commerce

During our research here at Coralogix, we discovered the growing need and awareness of Log Analytics as companies strive to control their log data and monitor

our journey cyber to analytics

Our Journey from Homeland Security to Actionable Log Analytics

5 years ago, when I finished my Army service at the IDF 8200 intelligence unit, it was clear to me that my future is in the

make logs into gold

Log Analytics will turn that junk on your servers into gold

Log Analytics will turn that junk on your servers into gold from Coralogix Although many tend to think Log Analytics is a new concept, logs were

Delivery Vs Quality

Delivery vs. Quality – Why not both?

Delivery vs. Quality – Why not both? from Coralogix On our previous post we talked about the huge amount of time that software developers spend on

this-is-what-your-developers-are-doing-75% of the time

This is what your developers are doing 75% of the time, and this is the cost you pay

This is what your developers are doing 75% of the time, and this is the cost you pay from Coralogix Following our last post on how

100M raised

$100M raised | 12 Months | 4 Companies | 1 Surging market

In the world of DevOps and continuous delivery, Log Analytics tools are quickly emerging as a crucial component for an effective strategy towards improved maintenance procedures

the day google went down

The day google went down for 5 minutes

So what are the costs of downtime? [ssf id=298592458]  We gathered some researches showing exactly how expensive are downtimes for software and internet companies, these amazing