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Kafka Streams Window By & RocksDB Tuning

Kafka Streams offers a feature called a window. In this post, I will explain how to implement tumbling time windows in Scala, and how to tune RocksDB accordingly. Kafka Streams Terminology Clock Time:

BetterHelp Customer Case Study

Untangling a chaotic mess can be daunting. And that’s exactly the problem Alain Adler, the Head of Engineering at BetterHelp, faced.  BetterHelp is the world’s largest e-counseling platform, on a
Log Data

Analyzing Log Data: Why It’s Important

From production monitoring to security concerns, businesses need to analyze and review their logs on a daily basis to make sure their system is up to par. Here are the

Onelogin Log Insights with Coralogix

OneLogin is one of the top leading Unified Access Management platforms, enabling organizations to manage and Access their cloud applications in a secure way. OneLogin makes it simpler and safer for

Unleash your Auth0 Log Insights With Coralogix

Auth0 is one of the top leading identity management platforms in the world. It’s focused on providing solutions for application builders, specifically solutions needed for custom-built applications. Auth0 provides expertise
kibana settings

Kibana Settings: Spaces, Export Dashboard, and more

Kibana is considered the “window” to Elasticsearch and indeed it’s a powerful UI for searching, filtering, analyzing, and visualizing Elasticsearch data, but Kibana settings are also used to configure, administer
docker logging guide

Managing Docker Logs with ELK and Fluentd

This article provides an overview of managing and analyzing Docker logs and explores some of the complexities that may arise when looking through the log data. Challenges to overcome: Collecting

Using Log Data to Prevent Lambda Cold Starts

AWS Lambda enables you to run serverless functions in the AWS cloud, by manually triggering functions or by creating trigger events. To ensure your Lambda functions are running smoothly, you

Integrating Coralogix Alerts with PagerDuty

Coralogix offers the most extensive alerting mechanism in the logging market, including built-in webhooks for PagerDuty, custom webhooks, and automatic resolve notifications. PagerDuty is a leader in digital operations management. In
logstash grok

Tutorial: Logstash Grok Patterns with Examples

Logstash can parse CSV and JSON files easily because data in those formats are perfectly organized and ready for Elasticsearch analysis. Sometimes, though, we need to work with unstructured data,
Okta Logs

Okta Log Insights

This post will show you how Coralogix can provide analytics and insights for your Okta logs, both performance, and security. Okta is one of the leading Identity provider platforms in

Advanced Guide to Kibana Timelion

Kibana Timelion is a time-series based visualization language that enables you to analyze time-series data in a more flexible way. compared to other visualization types that Kibana offers. Instead of
DevOps Monitoring Illustration

How DevOps Monitoring Impacts Your Organization

DevOps monitoring didn’t simply become part of the collective engineering consciousness. It was built, brick by brick, by practices that have continued to grow and flourish with each new technological
troubleshoot aws lambda

AWS Lambda Logging & Monitoring Tutorial

Going serverless relieves you of setting up servers, updating operating systems, or maintaining physical infrastructure. But what happens when a function doesn’t work and things go wrong? Given the added

Morgan NPM Logger – The Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, we’ll cover how you can use Morgan npm to log requests and other aspects of your web application built on Express (or any of the similarly architected frameworks around).

Heroku Logs – The Complete Guide

Platforms like Heroku give you the freedom to focus on building great applications rather than getting lost setting up and maintaining infrastructure. One of the many great features of working
fastly logs

Fastly Logs Insights

This tutorial will show you how can Coralogix provide analytics and insights for the Fastly logs you ship to Coralogix, both performance, and security. To get all the Coralogix dashboards

Elasticsearch Update Index Settings

You’ve created the perfect design for your indices and they are happily churning along. However, in the future, you may need to reconsider your initial design and update the Elasticsearch

The Definitive Guide to Configuration Management Tools

Many of the available configuration management tools, such as Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Chef, and Saltstack provide automation for infrastructure, cloud, compliance and security management, and integration for deployment and continuous deployment (CI / CD). But what is the best tool to start automating your particular environment?
coralogix fluentd guide

A practical guide to FluentD

In this post we will cover some of the main use cases FluentD supports and provides example FluentD configurations for the different cases. What is Fluentd Fluentd is an open

Overcoming DNS barriers for Kubernetes Scaling

It was a cloudy winter morning when I had arrived at the office and found, to our horror, that a Kubernetes cluster was suffering from extremely high CPU and network usage and had become almost completely non-functional. To make things worse, restarting

Guide: Parsing Multiline Logs

In the context of logging, multiline logs happen when a single log is written as multiple lines in the log file. This can either be caused by not using a

Easily Build Jenkins Pipelines – Tutorial

Are you building and deploying software manually and would like to change that? Are you interested in learning about building a Jenkins pipeline and better understand CI/CD and DevOps at

How SIEM is evolving in 2020

The evolution of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is deeply intertwined with cloud computing, both in terms of technological breakthroughs the cloud provided and from its inherent security challenges. 

How to get the most out of your ELB logs

What is ELB Amazon ELB (Elastic Load Balancing) allows you to make your applications highly available by using health checks and intelligently distributing traffic across a number of instances. It

Terraform Quick Start Tutorial

This Terraform tutorial is an excellent introduction to configuration management tools. Terraform is growing due to it simplifying the management of environments in the cloud. Several cloud services appeared over

Ansbile Quick Start Tutorial

This quick start Ansible tutorial will explain how to get started quickly using this open-source configuration management tool. Due to the great (and increasing) number of supported resources and its

Puppet Quick Start Tutorial

Puppet is an open-core software configuration management tool recommended for orchestrating environments that have rigid compliance requirements, maintaining an immutable configuration of nodes, with reports and role-based access control. This

Guide: RegEx 101 for Managing Log Data

Regular expressions can be crucial for wrangling log data efficiently. You may want to extract specific data from your logs to make it easier to analyze and visualize. Sometimes you

Does Complexity Equal Security?

“Teacher somewhere in India: The world you see is supported by a giant turtle. Student: And what holds this giant turtle down? Teacher: Another giant turtle, of course. Student: And

Does Open Source Equal Free?

Open source tools have been gaining momentum in recent years, largely due to the contribution of several factors, including improved user interfaces, the inability of commercial companies to compete on

Instantly Parse The Top 12 Log Types

Throughout the past few months, I had the opportunity to work with and serve hundreds of Coralogix’s customers, the challenges in performing efficient Log Analytics are numerous, from collecting, searching,

AWS Centralized Logging Guide

The key challenge with modern visibility on clouds like AWS is that data originates from various sources across every layer of the application stack, is varied in format, frequency, and
Kafka Guide

Introduction to Kafka Tutorial

Kafka is an open source real-time streaming messaging system and protocol built around the publish-subscribe system. In this system, producers publish data to feeds for which consumers are subscribed to.

Create Kafka Topics in 3 Easy Steps

Creating a topic in production is an operative task that requires awareness and preparation. In this tutorial, we’ll explain all the parameters to consider when creating a new topic in

CDNs and Why You Need Them

This post will explain about CDNs, one of the most important components of the modern web applications. It’s the technology that allows the world’s most popular events to be brought
APM comparison

New Relic Vs Appdynamics Vs Dynatrace

We’ll look at 3 popular APM tools: New Relic, Appdynamics and Dynatrace to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie, how they can help you improve, and how they compare

Test Automation Tools to Accelerate CI/CD

So much of our world has moved away from the slow and methodical, towards the agile and iterative. In transport, for example, everything is “on demand”, constantly changing and adaptable.


In the past, applications would be deployed by installation on a host, using the operating system package manager. This was a heavy solution with tremendous reliance on the operating system

Splunk vs SumoLogic vs ELK

When it comes to the best platforms for log analysis and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, 3 trivial alternatives come up: Splunk, Sumo Logic and ELK.
Helm Vs. Terraform

Terraform vs Helm Charts

Since Docker first came onto the scene in 2013 and really popularized containerization, many organizations have chosen to deploy cloud workloads using Docker containers. Containers come with numerous benefits over
Travis CI Vs. CircleCI

Travis CI vs CircleCI

Travis CI vs CircleCI The way we think about development started with Waterfall – sequential, solid, conservative – moved to Agile, whose origins can be traced back to a somewhat
Grafana Vs Graphite

Grafana Vs Graphite

The amount of data being generated today is unprecedented. In fact, more data has been created in the last 2 years, than in the entire history of the human race.
elk vs graylog

Log Management Comparison: ELK vs Graylog

Production logs can help ensure application security, reveal business insights and find and understand errors, crashes, and exceptions. But as useful as logs are, they’re difficult to manage and hard
Coralogix GDPR ready

Be GDPR Ready: Prepare Your Log Data

Organizations both small and large that deal with personal data must be compliant with GDPR rules. At Coralogix, we’ve been working hard to be prepared for GDPR. Preparing your data
coralogix ruby integration

Ruby logging best practices and tips

Ruby is an opinionated language with inbuilt Ruby logging options that will serve the needs of small and basic applications. Whilst there are fewer alternatives to these than say, the

Why I love November in San- Francisco

I love San Francisco, I love being in a city so diverse and so passionate about tech, I love that the first billboards you see at the airport are of

Node logging best practices and tips

As is traditional with the JavaScript world, there are a dizzying amount of options for node logging. In this article, I will dig into some of the better and lesser

Game of Logs: delivery assurance is coming

Long gone are the days were software companies released a version every six months, after rigorous planning, testing and stress runs (AKA the waterfall model). Today, agile companies release versions
provision coralogix on heroku

Quick Tips for Heroku Logging with Coralogix

TL;DR: Coralogix released a new addon for Heroku: In this post we cover best Logging practices, how different cloud providers enable them, what makes Heroku logging special, and how Coralogix
become a better developer

Tricks to being A better developer

The daily routine in the world of any Developer rarely ever reaches a point of tranquility. It takes real passion and drive to be able to seize each day, ready
implementing devops barriers

DevOps: Overcoming the Barriers to Adoption

Considering the countless benefits of incorporating DevOps into practices, the barriers that are often faced towards adoption can be considered comical. If you’re facing difficulties in convincing the higher-ups that
testing Vs Debugging

Testing Vs Debugging, which do you prefer?

“My job, in theory, is to build, test, deploy and maintain software. My job, in reality, is more like the Sisyphus vortex.” This is the response I received from a
papertrail alternatives

Papertrail alternatives – why you should check them

What Is Papertrail? Papertrail describes itself as “frustration-free log management.” This characterization is relatively accurate, as its platform focuses on helping users manage their own logs, rather than intelligently analyzing
C# time saving tools

5 time-saving tools for C# development

John Lennon once famously said ‘Imagine there’s no debugging. It’s easy if you try.’ Ok…he didn’t say exactly that, but he would have if he’d tried to do some C#

What to consider when choosing a cloud provider

These days, it seems like platform and infrastructure services are more available than ever. With 4 large cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCE and Softlayer) and countless others with specialties (DigitalOcean,
terms devops need to know

Terms Every Devops Pro Needs to Know

Fully implementing a DevOps culture is a demanding endeavor for even the best-prepared organization. In addition to developing new workflows and processes to integrate the development and operations functions of
reduce cloud costs

5 intermediate level tips to reduce cloud costs

Cloud costs. Everybody wants to keep them down as much as possible while maintaining reliability and service quality. In this post, we’d like to go beyond the more obvious recommendations,
Key Steps to Implementing Enterprise Devops

Key Steps to Implementing Enterprise DevOps

Whether your team is currently using an Agile approach to manage its software development or has yet to institute a formal project management system, implementing enterprise DevOps solutions is a
Java logging how to

Five Tools Every Java Developer Needs

There are a lot of tools out there but these are the ones you really need Search the internet for “Java Developer Tools” and millions of articles come back. You’ll
loggly alternatives

Loggly Alternatives

If you’re looking to gain more than just logging management from your log management host, Loggly isn’t the only company you should be considering. Here are a few pointers that
dark side micro services

The dark side of Micro services

If you build it right and not just use it as a buzz word, I believe we can all agree that microservices are great and that they make your code & production
Java logging how to

JAVA logging – how to do it right

Proper logging is something you want to plan and standardize before you start writing your code, especially if it involves different teams or separate locations. During the last couple of
leverage log analytics

How to leverage your Log Analytics

How to Leverage your Log Analytics from Coralogix Here at Coralogix, we’ve mentioned before how Log Analytics has increasingly been gaining attention and is creating a way to cut back
quality pillars

The 5 quality pillars any R&D must own

  The 5 Quality Pillars Any R&D Must Own from Coralogix In today’s competitive world of software development, one of the key factors for a company’s success is the R&D
process big data with 1.5KB

How we process our Big Data using 1.5Kb

Process your Big Data using 1.5 Kb from Coralogix During one of our data-munging sessions here at Coralogix, we found ourselves needing to assess the cardinality of large data sets.
Delivery Vs Quality

Delivery vs. Quality – Why not both?

Delivery vs. Quality – Why not both? from Coralogix On our previous post we talked about the huge amount of time that software developers spend on maintenance. In this post
the day google went down

The day google went down for 5 minutes

So what are the costs of downtime? [ssf id=298592458]  We gathered some researches showing exactly how expensive are downtimes for software and internet companies, these amazing numbers show how dependent

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