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AWS Service Observability using OpenTelemetry 

Efficient use of observability statistics is essential to any microservice architecture. OpenTelemetry is a project supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to enhance the

Benefits of Logging Agents

You probably have heard of logging agents, such as Logstash or Fluent Bit, if you’ve been investigating log analysis, monitoring, and observability. If so, and you’re

4 Different Ways to Ingest Data in AWS OpenSearch

AWS OpenSearch is a project based on Elastic’s Elasticsearch and Kibana projects. Amazon created OpenSearch from the last open-source version of ElasticSearch (7.10) and is part

security whitelist

What is a Security Whitelist?

In April 2022 alone, there were 14.3m records breached due to 80 significant security incidents. These incidents make up a complex, shifting landscape of cyberattacks that

kubernetes logging

Kubernetes Logging with Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana

Kubernetes, a Greek word meaning pilot, has found its way into the center stage of modern software engineering. Its in-built observability, monitoring, metrics, and self-healing make

proactive monitoring

Proactive Monitoring vs. Reactive Monitoring

Monitoring is a fundamental pillar of modern software development. With the advent of modern software architectures like microservices, the demand for high-performance monitoring and alerting shifted

web log analysis

3 Key Benefits to Web Log Analysis

Whether it’s Apache, Nginx, ILS, or anything else, web servers are at the core of online services, and web log analysis can reveal a treasure trove

Using Synthetic Endpoints to Quality Check your Platform

Quality control and observability of your platform are critical for any customer-facing application. Businesses need to understand their user’s experience in every step of the app

Coralogix’s Streama Technology: The Ultimate Party Bouncer

Coralogix is not just another monitoring or observability platform. We’re using our unique Streama technology to analyze data without needing to index it so teams can

Application Performance Monitoring

Why is Application Performance Monitoring Important?

Picture this: Your on-call engineer gets an alert at 2 AM about a system outage, which requires the entire team to work hours into the night. 

Kubernetes: Tips, Tricks, Pitfalls, and More

If you’re involved in IT, you’ve likely come across the word “Kubernetes.” It’s a Greek word that means “boat.” It’s one of the most exciting developments

Elasticsearch Release: Roundup of Change in Version 8.1.0

Elastic released a major version of its platform on February 10, 2022. Version 8.0.0 is the latest major version. There has already been a new minor

What is the Most Vulnerable Data My Company Holds?

Data security is on every priority list in 2022. With the frequency of breaches never higher, many businesses assess their situation and ask cybersecurity questions. With

What to Watch on EKS – a Guide to Kubernetes Monitoring on AWS

It’s impossible to ignore AWS as a major player in the public cloud space. With $13.5billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2021 alone, Amazon’s

Read Teaming cybersecurity

What is Red Teaming in Cyber Security? The Complete Guide

Red teaming explained Red teaming is the practice of asking a trusted group of individuals to launch an attack on your software or your organization so

splunk indexer

Splunk Indexer Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

A new vulnerability, CVE-2021-342 has been discovered in the Splunk indexer component, which is a commonly utilized part of the Splunk Enterprise suite. We’re going to

What is observability

AWS Centralized Logging Guide

The key challenge with modern visibility on clouds like AWS is that data originates from various sources across every layer of the application stack, is varied

okta breach - coralogix

How to Tell if You Were Attacked in the Recent Okta Security Breach

Today, Okta, a leading enterprise identity and access management firm, reported that it had launched an inquiry after the LAPSUS$ hacking group posted screenshots on Telegram.

3 Metrics to Monitor When Using Elastic Load Balancing

One of the benefits of deploying software on the cloud is allocating a variable amount of resources to your platform as needed. To do this, your

We’re Making Our Debut In Cybersecurity with Snowbit

2021 was a crazy year, to say the least, not only did we welcome our 2,000th customer, we announced our Series B AND Series C funding

financial real-time data

Your Clients Financial Real-Time Data: Five Factors to Keep in Mind

What is real-time data? Real-time data is where information is collected, immediately processed, and then delivered to users to make informed decisions at the moment. Health

5 Cybersecurity Tools to Safeguard Your Business

With the exponential rise in cybercrimes in the last decade, cybersecurity for businesses is no longer an option — it’s a necessity. Fuelled by the forced

How to Setup AWS CloudWatch Agent Using AWS Systems Manager

What is AWS Systems Manager Before we jump into this, it’s important to note that older names, and still in use in some areas of AWS,

what is scripting

What is scripting?

Like all programming, scripting is a way of providing instructions to a computer so you can tell it what to do and when to do it.

lambda extension

Using Lambda Extensions to Streamline Observability

Lambda Observability Lambda is a top-rated compute service available on the AWS cloud service network. Its popularity largely derives from its ease of use, allowing users

IoT Security

IoT Security: How Important are Logs for System?

IoT has rapidly moved from a fringe technology to a mainstream collection of techniques, protocols, and applications that better enable you to support and monitor a

cyber security 2021

Cyber Security in 2021 – What Happened?

2021 was quite a year. Some things changed, and some things very much stayed the same. The world of cyber security was not immune to this

Optimized Traffic Mirroring Examples – Part 2

In a previous post, we looked at an example of a fictional bookstore company and recommended mirroring strategies for that specific scenario. In this post, we’ll

DDOS Attacks: How to Protect Yourself from the Political Cyber Attack

In the past 24 hours, funding website GiveSendGo has reported that they’ve been the victim of a DDOS attack, in response to the politically charged debate

5 Ways Scrum Teams Can Be More Efficient

With progressive delivery, DevOps, scrum, and agile methodologies, the software delivery process has become faster and more collaborative than ever before. Scrum has emerged as a