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security tool arsenal

What’s the Most Powerful Tool in Your Security Arsenal? 

Trying to work out the best security tool is a little like trying to choose a golf club three shots ahead – you don’t know what

netflix fault injection

How Netflix Uses Fault Injection To Truly Understand Their Resilience

Distributed systems such as microservices have defined software engineering over the last decade. The majority of advancements have been in increasing resilience, flexibility, and rapidity of

grafna blog banner

Using NoSQL Databases as Backend Storage for Grafana

Grafana is a popular way of monitoring and analysing data. You can use it to build dashboards for visualizing, analyzing, querying, and alerting on data when

business observability

Unlocking Hidden Business Observability with Holistic Data Collection

Why do organizations invest in observability? Because it adds value. Sometimes we forget this when we’re building our observability solutions. We get so excited about what

flux tutorial

Flux Tutorial: Implementing Continuous Integration Into Your Kubernetes Cluster

This hands-on Flux tutorial explores how Flux can be used at the end of your continuous integration pipeline to deploy your applications to Kubernetes clusters. What

The Untapped Power of Key Marketing Metrics

Marketing and Site Reliability teams rarely meet in most organizations. It’s especially rare outside the context of product marketing sessions or content creation. With observability now

elasticsearch pagination

How to Optimize Your Elasticsearch Queries Using Pagination

Consider for a moment that you are building a webpage that displays data stored in Elasticsearch. You have so much information in your index that your

communication in software development

The Importance of Communication in Software Development Teams

Programming is often thought of purely as a problem-solving activity. This may be true for the lone coder in their garage, but in the multi-person environment

what is gitops

What is GitOps, Where Did It Come From, and Why Should You Care?

“What is GitOps?” – a question which has seen increasing popularity on Google searches and blog posts in the last three years. If you want to

monitoring hybrid cloud

What to Consider When Monitoring Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Hybrid cloud architectures provide the flexibility to utilize both public and cloud environments in the same infrastructure. This enables scalability and power that is easy and

promql tutorial

PromQL Tutorial: 5 Tricks to Become a Prometheus God

For the seasoned user, PromQL confers the ability to analyze metrics and achieve high levels of observability. Unfortunately, PromQL has a reputation among novices for being

observability in marketing

5 Technical Metrics You Need for Observability in Marketing

Metrics measuring user engagement on your website are crucial for observability in marketing. Metrics will help marketing departments understand which of your web pages do not

mean time to repair mttr

Why Your Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) Is Higher Than It Should Be

Mean time to repair (MTTR) is an essential metric that represents the average time it takes to repair and restore a component or system to functionality.

kanban software development

Basic Principles of Kanban Software Development

Kanban software development is a popular, highly visual framework that falls under the Agile methodology. It requires real-time communication of availability and capacity, allowing full transparency

more changes banner

More Changes Mean More Challenges for Troubleshooting

The widespread adoption of Agile methodologies in recent years has allowed organizations to significantly increase their ability to push out more high quality software.  Previous development

metricbeat tutorial

Metricbeat Deep Dive: Hands-On Metricbeat Configuration Practice

Metricbeat, an Elastic Beat based on the libbeat framework from Elastic, is a lightweight shipper that you can install on your servers to periodically collect metrics

cloud vendor lock-in

11 Tips for Avoiding Cloud Vendor Lock-In 

11 Tips for Avoiding Cloud Vendor Lock-In  Cloud vendor lock-in. In cloud computing, software or computing infrastructure is commonly outsourced to cloud vendors. When the cost

devops vs devsecops

DevSecOps vs DevOps: What are the Differences?

The modern technology landscape is ever-changing, with an increasing focus on methodologies and practices. Recently we’re seeing a clash between two of the newer and most

observability and monitoring

Key Differences Between Observability and Monitoring – And Why You Need Both

Observability and Monitoring are viewed by many as interchangeable terms. This is not the case. While they are interlinked, they are not interchangeable. There are actually

js engine behind the scenes

How JS Works Behind The Scenes — The Engine

Have you ever asked yourself “how does this all work behind the scenes?”. I know I have. Having a deep understanding of certain concepts allows us

saas vs hosted comparison

SaaS vs Hosted Solutions: Which Should You Choose and Why?

A key decision that must be made in a product’s lifecycle is SaaS vs Hosted. Should we be only employing the use of hosted solutions, or

devops change management

How to Implement Effective DevOps Change Management

A decade ago, DevOps teams were slow, lumbering behemoths with little automation and lots of manual review processes. As explained in the 2020 State of DevOps

developer struggling to keep product focus

5 Common Distractions that Risk Breaking up Your Product Focus

Maintaining product focus is the best way to guarantee a successful business. As the late great Steve Jobs put it:  “if you keep an eye on the

zio kubernetes coralogix operator

The Coralogix Operator: A Tale of ZIO and Kubernetes

As our customers scale and utilize Coralogix for more teams and use cases, we decided to make their lives easier and allow them to set up

iot log management

10 Ways to Implement Effective IoT Log Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly become a huge part of how people live, communicate and do business. All kinds of everyday things make up

secure java code

Best Practices for Writing Secure Java Code

Every Java developer should follow coding standards and best practices to develop secure Java code. It is critical your code is not vulnerable to exploits or

chaos engineering

What is Chaos Engineering and How to Implement It

Chaos Engineering is one of the hottest new approaches in DevOps. Netflix first pioneered it back in 2008, and since then it’s been adopted by thousands

system traceability

System Traceability: What is It and How Can You Implement It?

System traceability is one of the three pillars of observability stack. The basic concept of observability is of operations, which include logging, tracing, and displaying metrics.

intro to elasticsearch

Elasticsearch Tutorial: From Deployment to Basic Usage

Elastic is “an index”, “a search engine”, “a big data solution”, an analytics platform with advanced data visualizations and incredibly fast search capabilities. In short, it’s

logstash input plugins

A Practical Guide to Logstash: Input Plugins

In a previous post, we went through a few input plugins like the file input plugin, the TCP/UDP input plugins, etc for collecting data using Logstash.