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auditbeat infrastructure

Using Auditbeat to protect your critical infrastructure

What are Beats Beats are lightweight, purpose-built agents that acquire data and then feed it to Elasticsearch. Beats use the libbeat framework that makes it easy to create

Terraform Quick Start Tutorial

This Terraform tutorial is an excellent introduction to configuration management tools. Terraform is growing due to it simplifying the management of environments in the cloud. Several

Ansbile Quick Start Tutorial

This quick start Ansible tutorial will explain how to get started quickly using this open-source configuration management tool. Due to the great (and increasing) number of

Puppet Quick Start Tutorial

Puppet is an open-core software configuration management tool recommended for orchestrating environments that have rigid compliance requirements, maintaining an immutable configuration of nodes, with reports and

How to Install and Configure Jenkins on the Mac OS

Are you looking for information on how to install Jenkins for Mac OS? Before we get started, there are (at least) two ways to install Jenkins

How to Install and Configure Jenkins on Windows 10

If you’re looking for information on how to install Jenkins on Windows 10 this is the tutorial for you. We’ll also discuss how to configure it

10 Alerts and Visualizations for S3 Server Access Logs to take control of AWS infrastructure

AWS S3 access logs provide detailed records for requests made to S3 buckets. They’re useful for many applications. For example, access log information can be useful

13 Security Alerts and Visualizations for VPC Flow Logs

AWS VPC Flow Logs record details about the traffic passing through your application, including requests that were allowed or denied according to your ACL (access control


Guide: RegEx 101 for Managing Log Data in Coralogix

Regular expressions can be crucial for wrangling log data efficiently. You may want to extract specific data from your logs to make it easier to analyze

Does Complexity Equal Security?

“Teacher somewhere in India: The world you see is supported by a giant turtle. Student: And what holds this giant turtle down? Teacher: Another giant turtle,

The who, the what, the where & when, the why & some AI

When you hear the word “permission” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s the picture in which I’m telling my kids not

Does Open Source Equal Free?

Open source tools have been gaining momentum in recent years, largely due to the contribution of several factors, including improved user interfaces, the inability of commercial

cloudtrail logs alerts

Achieve better AWS security with just 10 Cloudtrail logs alerts

CloudTrail logs track actions taken by a user, role, or an AWS service, whether taken through the AWS console or API operations. In contrast to on-premise-infrastructure

a tale of Kafka Streams

Avoiding death by external side effects — a tale of Kafka Streams

At Coralogix, we strive to ensure that our customers get a stable, real-time service at scale. As part of this commitment, we are constantly improving our

Instantly Parse The Top 12 Log Types with Coralogix

Throughout the past few months, I had the opportunity to work with and serve hundreds of Coralogix’s customers, the challenges in performing efficient Log Analytics are


AWS Centralized Logging Guide

The key challenge with modern visibility on clouds like AWS is that data originates from various sources across every layer of the application stack, is varied

Kafka Guide

Introduction to Kafka Tutorial

Kafka is an open source real-time streaming messaging system and protocol built around the publish-subscribe system. In this system, producers publish data to feeds for which


Create Kafka Topics in 3 Easy Steps

Creating a topic in production is an operative task that requires awareness and preparation. In this tutorial, we’ll explain all the parameters to consider when creating


Coralogix teams up with AWS Marketplace for Log Management

AWS offers a plethora of log and metric data but in order to extract meaningful insights and react to production issues on a dime, a centralized


Elasticsearch Mapping Exceptions – The complete guide

As Elasticsearch is gradually becoming the standard for textual data indexing (specifically log data) more companies struggle to scale their ELK stack. We decided to pick

CDNs and Why You Need Them

This post will explain about CDNs, one of the most important components of the modern web applications. It’s the technology that allows the world’s most popular

APM comparison

New Relic Vs Appdynamics Vs Dynatrace

We’ll look at 3 popular APM tools: New Relic, Appdynamics and Dynatrace to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie, how they can help you improve,

Test Automation Tools to Accelerate CI/CD

So much of our world has moved away from the slow and methodical, towards the agile and iterative. In transport, for example, everything is “on demand”,



In the past, applications would be deployed by installation on a host, using the operating system package manager. This was a heavy solution with tremendous reliance

Splunk vs SumoLogic vs ELK

When it comes to the best platforms for log analysis and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, 3 trivial alternatives come up: Splunk, Sumo Logic and ELK.

Helm Vs. Terraform

Terraform vs Helm Charts

Since Docker first came onto the scene in 2013 and really popularized containerization, many organizations have chosen to deploy cloud workloads using Docker containers. Containers come

Travis CI Vs. CircleCI

Travis CI vs CircleCI

Travis CI vs CircleCI The way we think about development started with Waterfall – sequential, solid, conservative – moved to Agile, whose origins can be traced

Grafana Vs Graphite

Grafana Vs Graphite

The amount of data being generated today is unprecedented. In fact, more data has been created in the last 2 years, than in the entire history

elk vs graylog

Log Management Comparison: ELK vs Graylog

Production logs can help ensure application security, reveal business insights and find and understand errors, crashes, and exceptions. But as useful as logs are, they’re difficult

Coralogix GDPR ready

Be GDPR Ready: Prepare Your Log Data

Organizations both small and large that deal with personal data must be compliant with GDPR rules. At Coralogix, we’ve been working hard to be prepared for