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What If You Could Pull Metrics Out of Your Events?

  • Amir Raz
  • April 3, 2024
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As data keeps growing at incredible rates, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to store and monitor at a reasonable cost leaving you to cherry-pick which data to store. As developers are accustomed to integrating metrics within their logs and spans, this can result in poor monitoring & analysis, alert fatigue, and longer MTTR. Teams are left having to dig out the most relevant data, which results in missed trends and analysis. 

With the Coralogix Events2Metrics feature, you can extract the most important metrics from your data for performance optimizations, enhanced observability, alerting and operational efficiency, simplified analysis, and cost optimizations – while still embedding metrics in your logs and spans, you can do so without having to change your techniques

It’s time to end this game of cat and mouse, though. 

Your Metrics are Stuck in Your Logs and Spans

Observability allows you to understand the state of your environment by analyzing external information. There are three pillars of observability: logs, metrics, and traces. 

Typically, you’ll include metrics within your logs and spans to provide a holistic view of your environment, but this has pros and cons. Some of the pros include rich context, custom insights, and immediate troubleshooting. On the other hand, the cons include increased data volume, performance overhead, and data redundancies. 

Despite these drawbacks, you won’t stop embedding metrics in your logs and spans. However, with the Coralogix Events2Metrics, you can extract the most important metrics for rapid investigation and analysis while sending the logs and spans themselves to affordable archive storage. This allows you to increase efficiency, save costs, and worry less about storage. It’s a win-win!

Performance Optimizations are Around the Corner

When you enable Events2Metrics, it allows you to establish metric rules and choose any duration for data retention, giving you extensive flexibility for data analysis without limitations on how long you keep your data. Every organization is subject to a daily cap of 10m total metric permutations.

Within a few easy and quick steps, you’ll have all the desired metrics extracted from your logs or spans and ready for analysis. Check out our documentation to learn how to set this up, or watch this quick tutorial.

Let’s see the benefits you gain from using our Events2Metrics…

Improvements in Efficiency

Logs (which can be unstructured) and spans take up a lot of storage space, and contain redundant information. Conversely, metrics take up less storage space, are structured & quantifiable data, and are more compact all around. This allows you to reduce the footprint of your stored data leading to cost optimizations, faster operational work, and increased efficiencies. 

Cost Savings

Metrics, due to their precision and compact nature, consume less storage and require less powerful machines for querying, leading to cost savings. This aspect is particularly beneficial for organizations dealing with large volumes of data. Additionally, the lightweight nature of metrics makes it affordable for long-term storage, which is useful for troubleshooting and trend analysis over extended periods of time.

Improved Monitoring

By extracting metrics from logs and spans, you’ll have a clearer and more actionable view of your system’s health and performance, so you can quickly identify and resolve issues. Easily filter out all the common noise in raw data, allowing you to focus on the most critical signals for monitoring. Maintain granular insights with less noise.

Optimized Alerts

Enabling alerts is crucial to stay on top of your software, but sometimes setting up alerts based on your logs can create alert fatigue. With Events2Metrics, you can pull out the most important metrics, enabling precise alerts. Easily set up threshold alerts, trend alerts, anomaly detection alerts, composite alerts, volume alerts, SLO alerts, and more. Alerts become more actionable and relevant. 

A Brighter Tomorrow

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, enjoy years of metrics available in split-second queries. Gone are the days of sacrificing retention for performance, insane costs for storage, and poor visibility. Start getting actionable insights today with Coralogix Events2Metrics.

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