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Driving E-Commerce Growth with Advanced Observability

Online retailers and e-commerce companies use Coralogix’s full-stack observability to make strategic-decisions and optimize data management costs. Succeeding in one of the most competitive retails markets today requires end-to-end visibility and security for all your systems and with Coralogix you have that and more, all in one place.


Maximize Insights at Minimized Costs

Reduce costs with observability and optimize your DevOps budget. With Coralogix’s TCO optimizer, e-commerce businesses can fully leverage all their data, driving customer engagement and boosting sales.

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See Everything Going on in Your Business

Coralogix’s APM and distributed tracing, empowers e-commerce platforms to observe their entire system in real-time, including inventory management and check-out performance. Get better user experiences, faster page load times and smoother omnichannel customer traffic—just to name a few benefits of having a strong APM. 

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Michael Gaskin

Michael Gaskin
Senior DevOps Manager at PUMA

Once I installed that Lambda layer, I saw the logs from AWS Lambda streaming into Coralogix in the LiveTail view. I just thought, wow, this is good time-to-value.
5 stars
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Unified Data for Unmatched Results

Seamlessly correlate logs, metrics, and traces with Coralogix. Identify patterns, spot issues, and make data-driven decisions faster. For example, easily track a surge in traffic and correlate it with increased sales or website performance issues.

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24/7 Support for Non-Stop Commerce

In the world of e-commerce, every second counts. To give your customers the best support online, your observability platform needs to do the same. Coralogix offers 24/7 support at no extra cost with a 30-second median response time, ensuring your platform is ready to continually serve customers round-the-clock. 

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