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Coralogix vs. Datadog

Tired of having to choose which data you can afford to ingest and analyze? Check out Coralogix’s full-stack observability platform with built-in cost optimization for up to 70% savings.

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The migration from Datadog to Coralogix was a success because it was a joint activity, with such a close group communicating every day.

James Lawson,
VP Engineering at Curve


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Get Your Observabiblity Costs Out of the Doghouse



Pricing Transparency

Pricing is transparent with built-in cost optimization, saving you up to 70% in observability spend.

Pricing is prohibitively expensive and complicated with loads of fine print.

Pricing Structure

Pricing based on data volume and nothing else (see full pricing table below).

Dizzying array of different pricing structures for features, data ingestion, retention and rehydration.

Customer Support

24/7 enterprise-level support at no extra cost.

Pay an additional, whopping 8% of your monthly spend just to get 24/7 general support.

Feature Flexibility

Use any features you want. Pay only for data ingested.

Bundled services force you to pay for features you don’t want or need.

Overage Handling

Overages are charged at the same per GB rate as usual.

Overages can incur expensive, on-demand pricing.

Open Source

Open source friendly with zero vendor lock-in.

Proprietary agents and proprietary storage formats create lock-in.

Observe More. Spend Less.

With Coralogix full-stack observability, you pay only for the data ingested and processed. Our modern architecture and unique in-stream analysis empowers you to query and analyze all your data (logs, traces, metrics, security events) as well as generate alerts and insights without  expensive indexing and hot storage. The simplicity of our pricing model creates transparency and predictability so you can better manage your data and avoid overages.

Coralogix Calculator - Estimate Your Observability Costs

With Coralogix, you pay for your data based on how you use it. In order to estimate your cost, choose which percentage of your data you will need to frequently search, monitor, or keep only for compliance.

How to Distribute Your Data with TCO Optimizer

Daily Log Volume
Log Use Cases
Daily Log Volume

With Coralogix, you pay for your data based on usage. That means that we don’t charge by hosts, we charge by ingestion. For metrics, we can estimate your cost based on an average metric size of 60KB.

Total Timeseries
Scrape Interval (s)
Total Timeseries

With Coralogix, you pay for your data based on how you use it. To estimate the cost of your tracing data, we’re using an average transaction size of 15 stacks with 15 stack frames.

For the most accurate pricing estimate for your data, we recommend reaching out to our team.

Avg. Daily Spans
Tracing Use Cases
Avg. Daily Spans
Total plan and cost estimate:

Coralogix Pricing

Where Modern Observability
and Financial Savvy Meet.

The information presented on this page is a comparative analysis of our services and pricing in relation to Datadog’s services and pricing. All data regarding Datadog’s pricing and services is sourced from their publicly available information as of December 2023. This analysis is intended for informational purposes only and only reflects our understanding of their pricing based on their public information.We endeavor to ensure that all comparisons are fair, accurate, and provide a true representation of the available options. However, services and pricing structures can change, and we recommend that users verify the current details on Datadog’s website. Our intention is to provide potential and current customers with a clear and honest comparison to aid in their decision-making process, and not to disparage or misrepresent Datadog or its services. Opinions and conclusions drawn are our own and are not endorsed by or affiliated with Datadog.

* All dollar amounts are in USD.

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