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Snyk Vulnerability Monitoring with Coralogix Snyk Vulnerability Monitoring with Coralogix

Last Updated: Apr. 07, 2024

This tutorial demonstrates how to conduct Snyk vulnerability monitoring with Coralogix by exporting Snyk’s security testing data using Prometheus.


This Docker was designed by the LunarTech team and was written in Go. This exporter enables you to automatically export Snyk’s security testing data into Prometheus by scraping Snyk’s API.


Snyk Setup

You are required to obtain your Organization ID and Organization API key in your Synk UI.

To obtain your Organization ID:

STEP 1. In your left-hand sidebar, select your Synk Group.

STEP 2. Select your Snyk Organization.

STEP 3. Navigate to Settings.

STEP 4. Copy your Organization ID.

To access your Organization API key:

STEP 5. Complete STEPS 1-4 above, then click Manage service accounts.

STEP 6. Create a new service account and token for Coralogix.

  • Input Name & Role.
  • Click Create.

STEP 7. Copy the Organization API key.


STEP 1. Run the docker command with the following arguments:

docker run -p9532:9532 [quay.io/lunarway/snyk_exporter](<http://quay.io/lunarway/snyk_exporter>) --snyk.api-token 'API TOKEN' --log.level="info" --snyk.organization='ORG ID’

The output should appear as follows:

time="2023-04-25T18:45:37Z" level=info msg="Starting Snyk exporter for organization '62b64ba1-aab2-4409-a1cb-6f94b3f93977'" source="main.go:67"
time="2023-04-25T18:45:37Z" level=info msg="Listening on :9532" source="main.go:111"
time="2023-04-25T18:45:37Z" level=info msg="Snyk API scraper starting" source="main.go:140"
time="2023-04-25T18:45:37Z" level=info msg="Running Snyk API scraper for organizations: Financial Applications" source="main.go:174"
time="2023-04-25T18:45:37Z" level=info msg="Collecting for organization 'Financial Applications'" source="main.go:196"

The Docker output should appear as follows:

time="2023-04-25T18:52:54Z" level=info msg="Recorded 585 results for organization 'Financial Applications'" source="main.go:205"
time="2023-04-25T18:52:54Z" level=info msg="Exposing 585 results as metrics" source="main.go:216"

STEP 2. Update Prometheus RemoteWrite by following these instructions.

- url: <endpoint>
  name: '<customer_name>'
  remote_timeout: 120s
  bearer_token: '<Send_Your_Data_private_key>'
  • url: Select a Prometheus RemoteWrite endpoint URL for the domain associated with your Coralogix account
  • name: Name of the timeseries
  • bearerToken: Your Coralogix Send-Your-Data API key


STEP 1. Access the Coralogix Grafana instance to ensure metrics are being published and scraped. Query the snyk_vulnerabilities_total metric.

STEP 2. Install the Grafana Snyk dashboard to obtain an overview of the data.

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