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Coralogix Reporter

coralogix reporter

Coralogix reporter allows you to automate the generation of a periodic report that includes the formatted results of a predefined query. This report can be distributed automatically to a mailing list.

To define and setup a report go to aws’s Serverless Application Repository and search for ‘coralogix’. Click on the link to ‘Coralogix-Elasticsearch-Reporter’.

The application requires the following parameters:

  • Verified AWS SES email/domain .
  • CoralogixRegion – possible values are `Europe` or `India`. Choose Europe if your Coralogix account URL ends with .com` and India if it ends with `.in`
  • Enabled – `true` when the report is active and `false` when it is inactive
  • PrivateKey – can be found in your Coralogix account under `Settings` -> `Account` -> `API Access` -> `Elasticsearch API key`
  • Query – Elasticsearch query
  • Recipient – a list of comma separated e-mails
  • RequestTimeout – the Elasticsearch query timeout
  • Schedule – CloudWatch rules schedule expression
  • Subject – report email subject line
  • Template – JMESPath expression to structure the Elasticsearch response

Don’t change the memory size and function timeout parameters. You can adjust the query timeout based on your needs.



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