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Data Usage

Coralogix Data usage report: Under settings–>Data Usage,  you should be able to view up to 90 days of the account usage and also to export this information as CSV.

The report presents 2 columns for each day, the blue column shows the actual amount of data sent, and the purple column shows the counted units per the Coralogix TCO calculation.

The difference between the calculations (if exists) is comprised of changes made under the TCO optimizer.

The Units available per day are equal to your team’s daily quota or, if you will, the team’s max daily usage if all your data was assigned as High priority (1 Unit = 1 GB of High priority compressed ingested data), which is the default settings for any set of logs unless it was changed under the TCO optimizer.

To put it simply, the GB (blue) is the data you send and Units are what you get charged for.

The report will show you the Daily Max (the day you sent the largest amount of data), the Total (Sum of all the days), and the Max saved quota, which is the Total data sent minus the total amount of counted units per that time period (Last 90 days, 30 days, or current month).

** Note that current-day information isn’t updated live.

Hovering any day will show you a tooltip that includes the information of the actual GB sent per each type of priority and how many counted units it worth.

In this example you can see:

1116.61GB were sent, but after TCO optimization, only 619.96 units were actually charged for.

Note: As you can see on the screenshot above there are “Counted units” also for Data Blocked. It is because they are charged 8%. This is the cost of the network traffic ingest.

Feel free to chat with us and ask any question on the required plan for your needs, and how TCO can cut your costs by over 50%.