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Spinnaker Version Tags

Integrate Coralogix with your Spinnaker deployment pipelines

Coralogix provides seamless integration with Spinnaker so you can push tags from your pipelines.


  • Have Spinnaker deployed, for more information on how to deploy: https://spinnaker.io/setup/
  • API Token – should be taken from your team settings –> Account –> API Access –>Alerts & Rules & Tags API Key


To create a custom webhook stage, you’ll need to add configuration for the stage in orca-local.yml.

Here is the content of orca-local.yml:

    - label: Coralogix Tag
      type: coralogixTag
      enabled: true
      description: Push tag to Coralogix
        - label: Coralogix API URL
          name: url
          type: string
          description: Coralogix API endpoint
          defaultValue: coralogix.com
        - label: Coralogix API Token
          name: token
          type: string
          description: Coralogix API Token
        - label: Tag
          name: tag
          type: string
          description: Tag Name
        - label: Application
          name: application
          type: string
          description: Application Name
        - label: Subsystem
          name: subsystem
          type: string
          description: Subsystem Name
      url: https://webapi.${parameterValues['url']}/api/v1/external/tags
      method: POST
        - Bearer ${parameterValues['token']}
        - application/json
      payload: |-
            "name": "${parameterValues['tag']}",
            "application": ["${parameterValues['application']}"],
            "subsystem": ["${parameterValues['subsystem']}"],
            "iconUrl": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coralogix/integrations-docs/master/integrations/spinnaker/images/spinnaker.png"

After you create a custom configuration, redeploy your Spinnaker instance with Halyard:

$ hal deploy apply


Add a new stage to push the tag to Coralogix:

New Stage

Configure stage to push tag to your account:

Stage Configuration

Note: You can use Spinnaker pipeline expressions to define parameters for the tag.